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Media Type: CD
satyaa - Satyaa Sings Kundalini Mantras
1.) Ong Namo
2.) Ra Ma Da Sa
3.) Living Song
4.) Aad Such
5.) Mul Mantra

Satyaa Sings Kundalini Mantras CD by Satyaa offers Kundalini mantras for yoga music and devotion.

Satyaa Sings Kundalini Mantras is the first solo CD from Satyaa, long awaited for, now finally available! Musicians featured are Rishi on keyboards, drums, bass and percussions; David Springborg on guitars; Praful on Soprano saxophone; Tanmayo on violin and Harida on percussions on Living Song.

Satyaa Sings Kundalini Mantras, deeply inspired during her Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India, where she had these divine melodies coming which she only had to listen to - and later recorded! Deeply inspiring, these ancient and so powerful Mantras are being transported right into the Heart on the wings of most exquisite melodies: Mantras for Healing, Mantras for Self Realisation and diving into Divine Consciousness!

Satyaa Sings Kundalini Mantras is a real treat for Heart-Body-Soul and a really masterfully arranged Mantric Manifesto!


1. Ong Namo - 9:30
2. Ra Ma Da Sa - 9:47
3. Living Song - 5:19
4. Aad Such - 9:00
5. Mul Mantra - 8:59
6. Aad Gurey Nameh - 9:25
7. Long Time Sun - 3:37

Enjoy Satyaa Sings Kundalini Mantras CD by Satyaa? See below for more Kundalini mantras and yoga music.



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