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Media Type: CD
steven halpern - Self-Healing 2.0
1.) Self-Healing 2 0 (Part 1) subliminal -1
2.) Self-Healing 2 0 (Part 2) subliminal
3.) Self-Healing 2 0 (Part 3) subliminal
4.) Self-Healing 2 0 (Part 4) subliminal
5.) Self-Healing 2 0 (Part 5) subliminal

Self-Healing 2.

0 CD by sound healer Steve Halpern offers new age music, brain technology and relaxation music.

Self-Healing 2.0 is a highly effective and listenable combination of healing music, subliminal affirmations, and brainwave entrainment from the best-selling pioneer of sound healing.

Self-Healing 2.0  is a compilation of Steven Halpern's most healing compositions combined with subliminal affirmations for added benefit.

Includes collaborations with Michael Manring, Georgia Kelly, and Schawkie Roth. Halpern's music is proven to support the bodies innate healing energies.

Self-Healing 2.0 is highly recommended healing support for anyone suffering from chronic or acute illness. Widely used in hospitals, hospice care, and home environments worldwide.

Provides stress relief and relaxation for both patient and caregiver at the speed of sound.

Do you enjoy Self-Healing 2.0 CD by Steve Halpern? See below for more new age music, brain technology and relaxation music.

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