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Media Type: CD
benjamin iobst - Seven Metals
1.) Sound Meditation 1 - 13 Bowls, 2 Gongs, Metal Wind Chimes, Tingsha -27:15
2.) Sound Meditation 2 - 14 Bowls, Bamboo Wind Chimes, Rainstick, Tingsha -28:15

A White Swan bestseller, Seven Metals CD by Benjamin Iobst, is singing bowl music, perfect for yoga, massage, meditation, Reiki and relaxation.

'An extraordinary recording performed by a master.' – Jonathan Goldman, author Healing Sounds.

'A sound adventure for the spirit'– Don Campbell, author The Mozart Effect.

Seven Metals' beautiful harmonics from twenty-five rare Tibetan singing bowls create 56 minutes of peace. This beautiful and faithful recording of Tibetan singing bowls is superb for relaxation, massage & bodywork, deep sound meditation, yoga relaxation and sleep inducement. Consisting of two sessions of 27-28 minutes each, 25 different singing bowls are used to create the most amazing sound vibrations perfect for deeply letting go. In fact the liner notes clearly warn that this music should NOT be played while driving!

"The bowls are powerful meditative tools that allow the client to reach deep levels of relaxation. . . "
- M. Jeffrey Schmidt, Massage Magazine.

Enjoy Seven Metals CD by Benjamin Iobst?  See below  for  singing bowl music, yoga music, massage music, meditation music, Reiki music and relaxation music.


benjamin iobst [more info] : Instruments – 25 Tibetan singing bowls, metal and bamboo wind chimes, tingsha bells.



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