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Media Type: CD
stevin mcnamara - Shakti Guitar
1.) Salutation -1:28
2.) Greeting the Dawn - Part 1 (Alap) -5:37
3.) Greeting the Dawn - Part 2 (Theme) -7:31
4.) Sungod Dance -7:22
5.) Shakti Sunset - Part 1 (Alap) -4:16
6.) Shakti Sunset - Part 2 (Theme) -8:43
7.) Sun Moon and Stars -6:22
8.) Heart of the Lotus - Part 1 (Alap) -1:57
9.) Heart of the Lotus - Part 2 (Jor) -2:22
10.) Heart of the Lotus - Part 3 (Theme) -9:31
11.) Midnight in the Darbar -10:03
12.) Prajna's Dream -9:40

Shakti Guitar CD by Stevin McNamara offers relaxing guitar melodies of Indian music for yoga music.

Indian music has its roots in the ancient Vedic culture where it was originally used for religious and devotional purposes. Over the centuries it has developed into what we hear today. Even in the modern performance of ragas, the music still retains its profound, devotional character and humility. It is a living music that has been personally handed down from teacher to disciple over centuries – and cannot be learned in any other way.

The ancient yogis, through deep spiritual practice, were able to see the effect of music on all of life and developed ragas according to their experience and inner knowledge. The word raga means “that which colors the mind.” Each raga has a particular scale and set of notes that are brought to life when performed correctly.

In contrast to much western music, a raga concentrates on one particular mood. Ragas were composed for different seasons and special occasions. The concept of Shakti Guitar is to present a musical cycle of a complete day.

We start at the first glimmer of dawn and move through the day and evening, ending in the deepest night where we go into our dreams.

Stevin McNamara - Nylon String Guitar on All Tracks & Bass
Christo Pellani - drums, percussion, bells, gongs
Mala Ganguly - Virtuoso North Indian classical singer -  Shakti Sunset
Steve Gorn - Grammy-winning virtuoso bansuri player - Greeting the Dawn
Sheela Bringi - (multi-instrumentalist) Vocals - Prajna's Dream
David Trasoff - Sarod - Midnight in the Darbar
Ben Leinbach -  Bass - Shakti Sunset, Sungod Dance, Midnight in the Darbar
Itai Disraeli - Bass -  Heart of the Lotus
Brandon Turner - Acoustic bass Greeting the Dawn
TJ Troy - Tabla Greeting the Dawn, Heart of the Lotus
Cooper Madison - Tabla - Midnight in the Darbar
Marla Leigh Goldstein - Layered frame drums
Anamari McNamara - Tamboura - Shakti Sunset
Aram Ram - Tamboura - All Tracks

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