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Media Type: CD
various artists complied by max strom - Shavasana: White Swan Yoga Masters Vol. 3
1.) Shabda
2.) Gayatri Mantra
3.) Between Dreams
4.) Ragdesh Alh...
5.) Stratos
6.) Kyrie Eleison
7.) Om Mani Padme Hum
8.) Chandra
9.) Feather On The Ground

Shavasana CD compiled by Max Strom offers yoga music, relaxation music, massage music and spa music.

Max Strom is the co-founder of Sacred Movement Center for Yoga & Healing, one of the premier yoga studios in the United States. White Swan Records asked Max to provide us with some of the special music he uses in his classes for shavasana, or deep relaxation.

According to Max: 'Shavasana is the final relaxation pose we do at the end of our Hatha Yoga practice. We simply lay on our back, spread open the limbs a bit and close our eyes. Here, we intentionally release all effort and concentration as we finally surrender to the present moment, like someone returning home after a long journey. As our prana (life-force) radiates, we feel like energy is moving throughout our body--and that is, in fact, what is happening. The energy meridians are open and we feel the weight of the world lift from our chest. My music selections for shavasana are always gentle, ethereal and nurturing.'

With music for yoga still in great demand, Shavasana will satisfy yogis seeking the ideal sound for winding down their daily practice. This calming set of beautiful pieces is especially selected by Max for repose, meditation, and healing work.

Shavasana TRACKS
1.) Shabda--The Purity II (Rainer Tillman) -4:04
2.) Gayatri Mantra (Nada Shakti & Bruce BecVar) -3:59
3.) Between Dreams (Jeffrey Koepper) -10:55
4.) Rag Desh--Alap (Benjy Wertheimer and Steve Gorn) -8:35
5.) Stratos (Jonn Serrie) -10:43
6.) Kyrie Eleison (Stellamara) -5:43
7.) Om Mani Padme Hum (Craig Pruess) -15:36
8.) Chandra (Benjy Wertheimer and Michael Mandrell) -3:56
9.) Feather On the Ground (Mathew Schreiber) -13:29

Shavasana is the soundtrack to the DVD release Max Strom Yoga - Strength, Grace & Healing.

Enjoy Shavasana CD compiled by Max Strom? See below for more yoga music, spa music and massage music.

benjy wertheimer and steve gorn
jeffrey koepper
craig pruess [more info]
benjy wertheimer and michael mandrell

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