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Dancing Shiva on an 18" Rollo Chain Necklace

Media Type: Meditation Tool
marah designs - Shiva Brass Necklace 18

Shiva Brass Necklace 18" Chain is of the Hindu god of yoga and meditation.

This 18" Rollo Chain has a Pure Brass Charm of the Sanskrit Shiva Symbol. Lord Shiva is the Hindu god of yogis and meditation. He is part of the Hindu trilogy of Brahma the creator and Vishnu the preserver, with Shiva being the destroyer. Shiva is the great purifier, representing shedding old habits and attachments and destroys the false ego, the illusion of individuality.

The Dancing Shiva, represented with this piece of jewelry, is also called Nataraj and represents both the destruction and creation of universe, as well as birth, death, rebirth cycles.

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