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Media Type: CD
adam bauer - Shyam Lila
1.) Shyam Lila (Radhe Shyam)
2.) Jalpur (Hare Krishna)
3.) Ras Dance (Radhe Govinda)
4.) Saraswati Devi (Jai Ma)
5.) Love Ditty (Govinda Gopal)

Shyam Lila CD by Adam Bauer offers Sanskrit mantras for yoga music.

Welcome to Adam Bauer’s long awaited Shyam Lila, on the morning of the Red Moon. Recently the earth was graced with the Red Moon Lunar Eclipse, a time that signals incredible opportunity for radical shifts in the universe! Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the chanting revolutionary, who was a combined incarnation of Radha and Govinda, was also born on a full moon lunar eclipse. At that time, the residents of West Bengal, India, fearing what they believed to be a sign of inauspiciousness, bathed in the Ganges and chanted the Holy Name of the Beloved all night, their voices choked with emotion. By their chanting they made the night the most auspicious night, the night gave an opening for the descent of the Kirtan Avatar. By grace, Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was born into all auspiciousness, on what could have been called a night of darkness.

Shyam Lila is an offering and prayer to the Beloved, both Divine masculine and to the Goddess, Shakti. Throughout Adam’s beautifully woven mantras, and Gaura Vani’s stellar production, is the voice of Shyam, carrying his bhakti teachings, which bring remembrance of who we really are. The Red Moon Lunar Eclipse with be at the front of what we hope is the continued turning of all Jivas to Bhakti Yoga, and to the Names of the Beloved again and again.

Do you enjoy Shyam Lila CD by Adam Bauer? See below for more Sanskrit mantras and yoga music.



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