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Media Type: CD
huDost - Sufi Kirtan
1.) Bismillah
2.) Qaul Tarana (Man Kuntu Maula)('The Chishti Anthem')
3.) Erler Demine (Dost Dost Dost!)
4.) Estafurallah
5.) Universal Worship
6.) Abrahamic Zikr
7.) Subhanallah
8.) La Ilaha Il Allah
9.) Molitah
10.) Iavnana
11.) Seemi's Allahu

Sufi Kirtan CD by HuDost offers Sufi zikr and interfaith chanting and songs.

Sufi Kirtan
delves into the depth of the human heart and how phenomenally accessible it is through music. Zikr is the Sufi term identifying a practice of chanting and singing; it literally means remembrance of breath, sound, love, consciousness, and of people, places, and situations needing one's awareness. Sufi Kirtan explores remembrance through interfaith chanting, songs, and is a total celebration of love, harmony, and beauty through music; it embraces the essence of zikr.

This album truly comes from the heart and from the work of ongoing practice. They began the process of recording this a few years ago and it, unlike any of our other records, has had a life of its own; the songs and the power of the music guiding us and, at times, forcing them to wait until we were ready. In this time we have grown as people, musicians, and family. Sufi Kirtan contains this growth, the pain and longing that all humans experience, and the absolute joy that entered our lives with the birth of our son Kaleb. We hope that this translates to you and your own practice. Toward the One…

Do you love Sufi Kirtan CD by HuDost? See below for more mantras and sacred vocals.



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