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Media Type: CD
paradiso and rasamayi - Third Eye Rising
1.) Bliss
2.) Gratitude
3.) Invocation
4.) Abundance
5.) Transformation

3rd Eye Rising – A Journey Through Ascending Realms CD by Paradiso and Rasamayi offers sonic healing with Tibetan and crystal bowls and didjeridoo for new age music, sound healing music and yoga music.

3rd Eye Rising CD by Paradiso and Rasamayi are New Age winners of the 11TH ANNUAL IMA VOX POP AWARDS! The Independent Music Awards is a prestigious international program that connects top ranked artists to new audiences and revenue opportunities.

Based on wisdom from many ancient cultures, sound is a type of energy medicine that creates the sacred space in which people can heal physically and spiritually. With the release of their first communal album 3rd Eye Rising – A Journey Through Ascending Realms - these healers combine their eternal intention, divine energies and infinite gifts on a journey through realms of the sacred sound current, providing another vehicle for their healing work to reach millions worldwide.

Third Eye Rising TRACKS:
1. Bliss - 5:27
2. Gratitude - 8:09
3. Invocation - 5:48
4. Abundance - 4:40
5. Transformation - 4:47
6. Love - 5:19
7. Guidance - 8:59
8. Flow - 5:07
9. Wisdom - 7:34
10. Power - 5:38
11. Purpose - 5:20

The Aboriginal people of Australia are the first known culture to heal with sound by playing the didgeridoo, which has been used as a healing tool for at least 40,000 years.

A self-taught musician, Paradiso is a master player of this sacred instrument. His innate gift for playing the didjeridoo was developed by teachings from various elders and mentors. The deeply therapeutic vibration of the didjeridoo creates a unique experience, described as Dreamtime by the Aborigines, that has led to extraordinary reports by many of the thousands Paradiso has treated, including shifts towards life purpose and restoration of physical and emotional wellness.

Acclaimed sound healer Rasamayi, has been trained in the healing art of sound in the Vedic, Shamanic and Himalayan traditions and is further informed by past-life memories of the practice. She has performed with renowned artists including Steven Halpern and Kai Eckhardt and for prestigious institutions nationwide. Her clients have reported transformative visions of Divine Mother and current and past-life healing.

The spiritual pair, share a vision of selfless devoted service to their community where they live and serve together in private practice, musical performances and group sound healing.

"I believe music can heal the mind, body and spirit and liberate us. My vision is to inspire all of us to rediscover oneness with each other, our environment, and all of creation through music,” says Paradiso.

3rd Eye Rising is an extraordinary experience of the soul’s journey inward and upward, facilitating healing and the discovery of one’s true Self,” describes Rasamayi.

“Each song was recorded with the intention to facilitate healing and transformation on all levels through the healing power of sound,” adds Paradiso.

Enjoy 3rd Eye Rising – A Journey Through Ascending Realms CD by Paradiso and Rasamay?  See below for more healing music, sound healing music and yoga music.

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