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Media Type: CD
al gromer khan - Tibet Shakti Tibetan Singing Bowls
1.) Sha -8:21
2.) Ma -24:22
3.) Tha -30:10

Tibet Shakti Tibetan Singing Bowls CD by Al Gromer Khan offers seven metal Tibetan and Bengali bowls for meditation and as yoga music.

The Tibetan singing bowls resonate harmonic overtones creating a vibrational environment that soothes and heals.

"Tibet Shakti stems from my years of Shakti worship, the bowls being one of the many ways I have found to draw out the primordial cosmic energy that Shakti represents. Through this minimalistic approach, I invite the listener to discover how to harness that creative power and implement it into one’s life.

I have been experimenting with Tibetan singing bowls since the early 1980s, often in session late into the night with my friend and fellow spiritual seeker, the late Klaus Wiese. These sounds have accompanied me through the years and I have used them for my own meditation practices. Only recently, the idea to share them with fans of my ambient music has occurred to me. I am happy and grateful to Waduda and Bhikkhu for taking this project into the New Earth repertoire, and for them to have seen the power and inspiration that can be derived from these sounds.

In Tibet Shakti Tibetan Singing Bowls, I used a number of Tibetan and Bengali bowls from a large collection—some of which I borrowed from Klaus. I tried many of them out in order to get the overtones right, to make the sound carry, and to correspond with certain Indian ragas (i.e. Bhupali) from the Indian mountain regions.

Singing bowls are made of seven types of metal, mainly comprised of bare metal bronze, which is a unique combination of copper and tin. Most of the bowls that I used were thin-walled and two of them actually have gold in them. The sounds that come alive while playing the bowls immediately leads the listener inward, drawing them from a space of dwelling in the perception of the outside world directly into the most interior space where only a universal oneness exists. The Tibetans have a word for this state—'shamatha'—loosely translating to ‘peacefully abiding.’ The sounds help the listener effortlessly ease into a deeply meditative state, allowing them to be here in the present moment.” —Al Gromer Khan

Enjoy Tibet Shakti Tibetan Singing Bowls CD by Al Gromer Khan? See below for more singing bowls and yoga music.



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