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On Sale $29.99  
regularly $38.99

Media Type: 3 1/2" HAND CRAFTED, 7 METALS
On Sale
bowls, bells & dorjes - Tibetan Mantra Bowl 3 1/2

Tibetan Mantra Bowl - 3 1/2" hand-crafted Buddhist 7 metal singing bowls, made in Nepal.

This picture shows the inside of this smaller sized, 3.5" Tibetan Mantra Bowl. See the other Tibetan Mantra Bowls for other views of these beautiful bowls.

Tibetan Mantra Bowl come in three different sizes - 3.5 ," 4" and 4.5."

Buddhist monks are often found with these prayer bowls nearby.  These black bowls, covered with brass calligraphic designs, collect the offerings of those who wish to give.  In the heart of each offering/prayer bowl are calligraphic symbols and mantras, to echo in your mind long after you have left the monk.

Seven metal bowls are made from gold, silver, iron, mercury, copper, tin and lead. Each metal vibrates to one of our individual energy centers - our chakras.

These singing bowls come with a hand-carved wooded striker and cushion.

See below for more Tibetan bowls and bells.

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