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This product is temporarily out of stock.

Media Type: Meditation Tool
fridge magnets - Vairochana Mandala Fridge Magnet

Vairochana Mandala 3" Round Fridge Magnet is a Meditation Tool.

There are eight central symbols of Tibetan Buddhism known as the Eight Auspicious Symbols. You will find them everywhere in Tibet and in the exile communities. They are traditionally offered to teachers during long life ceremonies and are used in various forms of ritual art. It is believed that each of the Tibetan symbols represents one aspect of the Buddha’s teachings and when appearing all together their powers are multiplied.

It is believed that by just looking at a mandala one’s soul is spiritually purified. Thus, a mandala represents the palace of purity, a magic circle cleansed of spiritual obstacles and impurities.

Vairocana is the white Buddha at the centre of the Mandala. He features in Carya and Yoga class tantras. In the Shingon school he is considered to be a personification of the Dharmakaya with his hands in the Dharmacakra, or Wheel turning mudra - which alludes to his teaching of the Dharma which is poetically referred to as "turning the wheel of the Dharma".

Enjoy the Vairochana Mandala 3" Round Fridge Magnet?  See below for more Meditation Tools and Magnets.

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