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Media Type: CD
masood ali khan - Yoga Sessions Hang With Angels
1.) Radhe Govinda - feat Monica Page & Steve Gorn
2.) Gayatri Mantra - feat Lisbeth Scott
3.) Jai Bhagavan - feat Radha
4.) Om Asato Ma - feat Terra Gold
5.) Bismillah - feat Suzanne Sterling, Go-Ray & Duke
6.) Govinda Gopala - feat PremaSoul
7.) Breath of Krishna - feat Visvambhar Sheth
8.) Sat Yam Shivam Sundaram - feat Lisbeth Scott
9.) Gate Gate - Terra Gold & Ray Ippolito
10.) Dharma Wheel - feat Suzanne Sterling
11.) Maha Mantra - feat Kayamani Devi & Steve Gorn

Yoga Sessions Hang with Angels CD by Masood Ali Khan with his "hang" drum, is designed for savasana yoga music, relaxation music, meditation music and wellness.

Hang with Angels
is Masood Ali Khan’s second album, and the 5th release in the critically acclaimed The Yoga Sessions series from Yoga Organix and White Swan Records.

Hang with Angels explores the pairing of the masculine and feminine Divine by combining the otherworldly texture and fascinating sounds of Masood’s “hang” (hüng) drum with yoga music’s finest female vocalists.

Buoyed by master musicians from around the world, Hang with Angels is studded with ethereal, meditative and richly-colored soundscapes especially designed for savasana (the traditional relaxation and meditation period that concludes the typical Yoga class).

Hang With Angels is also ideally suited for wellness applications such as meditation and bodywork, or as beautiful atmospheric music for a mellow evening.

Hang With Angels CD has eleven tracks of original compositions featuring vocal performances from Suzanne Sterling, Visvambhar Sheth (Mayapuris), Kamaniya Devi (Premahara), Lisbeth Scott, Sheela Bringi (PremaSoul), Radha, Terra Gold and Monica Page. The world class cast of instrumentalists includes Steve Gorn, Go-Ray & Duke, Clinton Patterson (PremaSoul), Ray Ippolito (As Kindred Spirits) & Marla Leigh.

“Masood plays the Hang like a healing stream of rhythmic magic, that is extraordinary for Yoga and Living in the Flow.” –SHIVA REA

“Takes you deep into the depths of the soul. Exudes plenty of Healing Energy.” –LA YOGA


Dr. Masood Ali Khan, Ph.D., was born from Indian parents and raised in London. A practitioner of yoga for 20 years and student of acupuncture, Masood was also head of the teaching faculty for Human and Universal Energy for Health and Wellness at the International University for Complementary Medicines in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Combining the power of the Heart and Mind's healing potential for humanity, Masood's Hang (pron. "hung") becomes a medium, transferring positive intentions within the sound vibrations of the recordings. The listener senses this and feelings of love, creativity, passion and compassion come alive within them.

A live performer for several elite Los Angeles-area yoga teachers (such as Shiva Rea, Saul David Raye, Peter Sterios, Terra Gold and Ashley Turner), Masood has spread his music internationally beyond the USA to Europe, Asia, Australia and even the clubs of Ibiza, adding to countless playlists for yoga classes and daily listening. He has performed at Esalen Institute, Kripalu Center and BhaktiFest among other high-visibility venues and events.

Performing alongside some of the stars of Bhakti music (including gigs with Dave Stringer, Girish, MC Yogi, Govindas & Radha and Suzanne Sterling, Masood is bringing his unique sound and performance to the rapidly growing yoga 'Bhakti' music movement.

Masood's debut recording, The Yoga Sessions: Masood Ali Khan, received several rave reviews, a listing in Yoga Journal's Oct 2009 Top 10 celebrity playlist and feature plays on Los Angeles' KPFK Radio.

Enjoy The Yoga Sessions: Hang with Angels CD by Masood Ali Khan?  See below for more yoga music, relaxation music and meditation music.

suzanne sterling [more info]
lisbeth scott
steve gorn
go-ray & duke [more info]

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