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snatam kaur : Product Reviews

Shanti: A Pure Current Of Peace
The ability of this artist to transport people into the realm of the heart and spirit through music is her gift.  On her new CD, the exquisite. soothing vocals evoke an inner and outer peace.  The subtle instrumentation enhances the listening experience, as rhythmic tablas beautifully support the chants, while piano, sitar, flute and santour melodies add a delightful element as well.

"Shanti" is the Sanskrit word for peace, and this CD is all about peace, coming from a deep tradition that is gentle and pure.  Many of the chants and mantras in this album are written by Guru Nanak, the First Guru of the Sikhs who lived from 1469 to 1538.  Guru Nanak would settle in an area perhaps under a tree, or by a river, and begin to sing. People would come from miles away attracted by the pure sound current and soon many people would be gathered around them in absolute rapture and love.

His songs have amazing rhythm and poetry, and his message speaks to the Soul.  Each mantra addresses different aspects of the relationship between man and God, and each has a specific power and gift that lies in the combination of sounds which create the chemical and magnetic change in and around those who recite it. 

The awareness imparted in these stanzas is simple, practical, and uplifting for anyone on a spiritual path.  It only takes listening to partake of this timeless wisdom, and the voice of Snatam is the perfect vehicle with which to bring it home.  Produced by and featuring Thomas Barquee, whose own CD Missa is another vocal/chant gem.

- Lloyd Barde, Backroads Music

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