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deuter : Product Reviews

Nada Himalaya
Invitation To Silence
Powerfully meditative and a distinct departure would be the two apt descriptions for Deuter's new Nada Himalya.  While his past works, like Nirvana Road or Land of Enchantment were crafty blendings of guitars, recorders, lively percussion, and spacious flowing synths, you'll find none of those instruments here. 

Instead, gentle sounds of Tibetan bells and bowls, chimes and the sounds of mountain streams float like white clouds in the Himalayas. These sound vibrations can literally change the environment, inviting silence from the inside.  A timeless space of harmonics and subtle vibrations await those who enter the here and now of these spiritual sounds, resonating from the heights and depths of simple breath and existence.

 - Lloyd Barde, Common Ground   March, 1998

Nada Himalaya
Music For Meditation
The CD was recorded using the natural sounds of Tibetan bells and bowls, chimes and the ambience of a mountain stream.  Listing only three tracks (the first being 30 minutes, the second 15), the sound envelopes the milieu, resonating within your consciousness.  The sound of the mild connection with the bowls echoes and drifts to the point of entering the realm of silence.

subtitle 'Music for Meditation' reveals ambient music at its very core and could appeal to those who enjoy today's ambient composers.  As Deuter strikes the bells, the echoes continue for at least ten seconds or more.  There is no melody or composition to speak of (though Deuter may disagree with me on a philosophical level).  Nada Himalya  breeds silence and generates infinite space.  

- New Age Voice

Reiki - Hands Of Light
Hands of Light: A Sun Shower
Deuter is one of the masters of true new age music and there's no use arguing about it.  He's been around for a long time, making serene beautiful music for relaxation, reflection, and meditation for those of us lucky enough to appreciate his work.  He's practically an institution all by himself and he seldom (if ever) fails to deliver the goods.  So, reviewing one of his newer CDs (well, it was released in 1998) seems a bit silly.  After all, if you like new age music and music for relaxation, you're gonna love this and that's as close to a guarantee as anyone can give you these days.

Reiki - Hands of Light is made up of six pieces of new age/ambient music, each cut averaging about ten minutes in length.  The instrumentation is piano and synths.  The synths are used subtly, with effects such as synth chorus, synth strings, synth flute, plucked strings and similar sounds.  Deuter is one of the best in the business at avoiding schmaltz or overkill.  This recording is no exception.  The music on this disc is like a gentle sun shower - cascading ever so softly, never too harsh or too lush or too full.

This is not structured relaxation music, a la Kevin Kendle or Dean Evenson.  It's much more floating, hence my calling it new age/ambient.  And, while the songs on Reiki - Hands of Light flow naturally into one another, there is enough variation from cut to cut that from a musical standpoint, this is more interesting to listen to than a lot of new age music.  At times, I was reminded, from an emotional impact standpoint, of Chuck Wild (Liquid Mind).  This CD has that same sense of calm, deep peace via beautiful unhurried melodies.

As I stated in the opening paragraph, writing a critique about Deuter seems superfluous.  He's been making excellent music for relaxation for so long that I doubt he could produce a bad album if he wanted to.  Stating the obvious, this is highly recommended for people seeking a stress-reducing recording with nary a trace of darkness on it.  Reiki - Hands of Light is another in a long chain of recordings from a true artist in this field.

- Bill Binkelman, Wind And Wire    
Review Source

Wind & Mountain: Balancing the Brain
According to C.G. Deuter, the prolific musician and meditation master who composed, performed and produced Wind & Mountain, the purpose of his latest recording is to release tension and bring the two brain hemispheres into equilibrium with one another.  To this end, he undercoats his mix of flute, piano and keyboard with alpha-wave frequencies, soft voices and sounds of nature.

Deuter's extensive study of various cultures' musical traditions is demonstrated in the six lighter-than-air compositions presented here. Asian, Indian, Native American and modern Western influences are combined to create a sound that transcends any particular region's style.

The mastery of texture shown is indicative of the more than three decades Deuter has spent recording his distinctive type of relaxation music.  For instance, the bells on the title track give the song a shimmering, translucent quality reminiscent of sunlight sparkling on water. T he drum heard on the same song is used tastefully and sparingly enough to keep the mood tranquil while giving the music a sense of forward motion.  The flute on Silver Cloud rests above the keyboards like morning mist on a still lake.

Deuter's skills as a composer and performer of deeply calming music have long been an asset to practitioners of massage, healing hypnotherapy.  This album makes a worthy and welcome addition to his expansive body of work.

- Damon Orion

Sea & Silence
Eternity Of The Present Moment
This organic duet celebrates the stillness of the present moment with a masterful layering of magical flute, dreamy keyboard chimes, hints of piano, and natural ocean waves.  The net effect is a peaceful intertwining of melodies in which the waves themselves provide not only a tonic backdrop, but actually function as musical instruments.

“I have always loved the musicality of the waves of the ocean,” says Deuter.  “Unlike a musical composition, which has a beginning and an end, waves play their music in a tireless fashion, not going anywhere, not reaching towards some goal, but singing about the eternity of the present moment.  Waves reveal their music only to listeners who allow themselves to sink deeper into the sounds.”

Totally unpredictable in its creative flow, this music pleases that part of the soul that doesn’t necessarily want to know where things are going.  In the words of the artist, “There is a place within us where there are no more goals to reach, no more roads to travel, no more maps to follow, no more philosophies to create, no more strategies to construct.” 

The music on this CD touches that place like a feather, caressing and nurturing.

- Chiwah, the Light Connection April 2003

Sea & Silence
Melodies Of The Waves
Clearly, Sea & Silence is a breakthrough for Deuter, in that subject and music are unitive and in the final sound, totally intertwined.  Music using ocean waves is now a cliché in New Age discography.  The genius of Deuter has been not only to incorporate the sounds of the ocean into the music, but to allow the waves to become music in themselves.  Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say, Deuter has allowed the waves to express their own inherent musicality.

Deuter enables the listener to recognize through his music that there is nothing really separating us from the ocean, that land and sea is another dualism we must spiritually overcome.  Because his music integrates the sea so profoundly, even on listening to the first track memories of past encounters with the sea flood back into consciousness, as if one were once again a child playing on the beach and transfixed by the waves.

By the time the last track, Empty Shore, concludes the music has transported us back to our primordial roots, a clarion summons to our first ancestor who originated in the sea.  Piano is used imaginatively to inhabit the space between the waves and Deuter's hallmark flutes, often overdubbed, take on cathedral like tones, as they soar to the heavens.

The cover art shows the ocean merging with the sky, which mirrors the almost spiritual like transparency which occurs in this dreamy synthesizer music.  We have reached the other side and it is Deuter's music, ending with an angelic chorus, that has been our vehicle of transformation.  After listening to Deuter, perhaps we can now see the sea in its crystalline, original innocence. We are given an almost birdlike view, as we witness the waves receding revealing the luminosity of the ocean and only the melodies lingering in our collective unconscious.  For Deuter, silence has its own chords and through his CD, Sea & Silence, the stillness of the present moment has never sounded more clearer or more harmonious.

- SF Sentinel

Tibet Nada Himalaya II
Jason Serinus
Why is this disc of Tibetan singing bowls different from any other disc of Tibetan bowls? Because it far more than a collection of pretty sounds. Any one of these seven compositions, ideal for meditation and massage, is capable of transporting you to another time and place. Tibetan bowls emit extraordinary harmonics and overtones when rubbed with a mallet. While they have been cast and used for centuries by monks as objects of meditation, it’s the consciousness that’s brought to their creation and playing that derermines in large part to what realms of higher consciousness they can transport the listener. In this case, that the player is Deuter makes all the difference, and the proof in the listening. Reserve time to sit quietly before or after a session, listening through a sound system fine enough to reproduce the otherworldly array of sounds that Deuter draws from these bells. Within minutes, the intelligence that infuses these sonic meditations will begin to affect you. Anxieties will melt, and you will sense the price that comes form connection with the divine. As long as you can massage and float simultaneously, your client will as well.

Tibet Nada Himalaya II
Timothy Burgin -
This sequel to Deuter’s first Tibetan singing bowl CD was intended to lead the listener into a deeper exploration of sacred sound and meditative states. These tracks contain the power, grace and beauty of the first CD, but were composed to be used individually for shorter meditations, as well as designed to flow together as one 78-minute piece. While the CD works great for meditation, it is even more powerful to use with shavasana (relaxation pose) and healing work. The highly resonate and harmonic Tibetan singing bowls are masterfully recorded and combined to enhance their natural soothing and stress relieving properties.

East of the Full Moon
Jason Victor Serinus Music Critic
"A self-described hermit/monk/wolf, Deuter lives deep in the forests of New Mexico where he consistently creates some of the most beautiful, spiritually attuned music in the New Age catalogue. Playing a variety of instruments, including keyboards, sitar and synthesizers, East of the Full Moon finds Deuter in a pensive, reflective mood. Most of the compositions reflect a sweet celestial longing, as from a soul wishing to draw nearer to the source. As we've come to expect from this venerable master, simplicity of melodic line never devolves into hawkish sentiment. Rather, Deuter's exquisite sense of taste and confidence in the other-dimensional nature of his creations produces music that soothes the spirit, freeing the mind to journey to a place of peace. A few selections include mild percussive beat; the rest flow in an unbroken stream of heart-touching reverie."

East of the Full Moon
Bill Binkelman - Wind and Wire
"On his latest release, East of the Full Moon, pioneering new age artist Deuter paints on a broader canvas than on some previous recordings. While he allows his nuanced and warm piano to perform most of the musical magic, his instrumental versatility and virtuosity is in abundance throughout the CD’s nine tracks. The music flows effortlessly from the warmth of the opening track 'Daemmerschein,' to the haunting flute and strings of the title tune, easing into East Indian fusion textures on 'Vibrant Dusk,' courtesy of gentle tamboura drones draped over minimal echoed piano and featuring mellow tabla rhythms. The piano and strings on 'Marfa Lights I' stroll alongside a plaintive recorder while the shimmering synths of 'Moon-Silvered Clouds' paint a soundscape befitting the song’s title. Whether majestic and haunting ('Black Velvet Flirts' with its soprano sax and hushed chorales) or lilting and full of the vibrancy of life itself (the uptempo album closer 'Dawn Shimmer'), East of the Full Moon once again clearly illustrates why Deuter has few, if any, peers when it comes to crafting elegant beautiful music which speaks to the human soul with simplicity, charm, and grace."

Koyasan, Reiki Sound Healing
"With Koyasan, Deuter continues to share his gifted musical genius. His unique blend of shakuhachi, koto, flutes and keyboards floats you gently to the inner core of your being where you rest fully in the presence of beautiful healing tones. This CD is an enhancing benefit to healing and meditation."

Koyasan, Reiki Sound Healing
"We have been playing Deuter's music now for over 22 years ... If music can take you to Nirvana, Deuter would be your conductor."

Koyasan, Reiki Sound Healing
HOPE ZVARA, Certified Yoga Teacher
"A divine grace, a feeling of freedom, a truly artful harmony. Let this conductive CD melt your heart and calm your mind; find yourself flowing to a place of complete peace and contentment."

Dream Time
Reviews by New Age Retailer
Popular healing-music magician Deuter has created another impressive collection of relaxation music ... these songs evidence Deuter's deserved place as a mainstay in the new age genre. --New Age Retailer

Dream Time
Review by Wind and Wire
Deuter is surely one of the most reliable new age artists out there. I doubt the guy could record a bad album if he tried. --Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire

Reiki Hands of Love
Steve Sheppard, One World Music
"Reiki Hands of Love, in my opinion, is a benchmark album in the new age music industry of the 21st century. Deuter has created here a second masterpiece for you to fall head over heels in love with. With Deuter, it really is a case of love and light, sublimely created by a musicians hands who are not only bathed in the loving energies of Reiki, but by a musician who really knows what his listening audience wants." ~Steve Sheppard, One World Music

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