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deuter : Product Reviews

Reiki - Hands Of Light
Hands of Light: A Sun Shower
Deuter is one of the masters of true new age music and there's no use arguing about it.  He's been around for a long time, making serene beautiful music for relaxation, reflection, and meditation for those of us lucky enough to appreciate his work.  He's practically an institution all by himself and he seldom (if ever) fails to deliver the goods.  So, reviewing one of his newer CDs (well, it was released in 1998) seems a bit silly.  After all, if you like new age music and music for relaxation, you're gonna love this and that's as close to a guarantee as anyone can give you these days.

Reiki - Hands of Light is made up of six pieces of new age/ambient music, each cut averaging about ten minutes in length.  The instrumentation is piano and synths.  The synths are used subtly, with effects such as synth chorus, synth strings, synth flute, plucked strings and similar sounds.  Deuter is one of the best in the business at avoiding schmaltz or overkill.  This recording is no exception.  The music on this disc is like a gentle sun shower - cascading ever so softly, never too harsh or too lush or too full.

This is not structured relaxation music, a la Kevin Kendle or Dean Evenson.  It's much more floating, hence my calling it new age/ambient.  And, while the songs on Reiki - Hands of Light flow naturally into one another, there is enough variation from cut to cut that from a musical standpoint, this is more interesting to listen to than a lot of new age music.  At times, I was reminded, from an emotional impact standpoint, of Chuck Wild (Liquid Mind).  This CD has that same sense of calm, deep peace via beautiful unhurried melodies.

As I stated in the opening paragraph, writing a critique about Deuter seems superfluous.  He's been making excellent music for relaxation for so long that I doubt he could produce a bad album if he wanted to.  Stating the obvious, this is highly recommended for people seeking a stress-reducing recording with nary a trace of darkness on it.  Reiki - Hands of Light is another in a long chain of recordings from a true artist in this field.

- Bill Binkelman, Wind And Wire    
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