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deva premal : Product Reviews

Sensual Rhythms
"Having used this CD for dance, movement and inspiration at a recent retreat in Maui, I can only tell you that the response was 110 % overwhelming.  Sensual rhythms, which are compelling and seemingly come from the inside out, draw the listener in layer by layer.  Above all I am touched by the combination of strength, purity, and delicateness I hear in Deva Premal's voice.  Highly recommended."

- Heartbeat, USA

Embrace: Spiritually Provacative
The high chanteuse of chant, Deva Premal, is a pillar of originality in the grand garden of Indian music.  You might say she's to Sanskrit Mantras what Enya is to Celtic music.  Her smooth soulful voice, which resides in the lower octaves, haunts atmospheric, lightly rhythmic, ethereal soundscapes skillfully crafted by her partner Miten.

Together they take listeners on a journey into the depths of the soul that doesn't forget to stop at the heart.  The music's easy on the ears, spiritually provocative and contains enough mass appeal to make even the yoga-phobic stir.  Throw in a duet with Jai Uttal (Om Ram Ramaya) and you have an album that will get anyone's chakras in an uproar.

- Music Design In Review

Spiritually-Lifting Grace
"The Gayatri is the most endearing and enduring vocal purification ceremony of all time.  Its words are the fluid poetry of an ecstatic soul intimately connected with the Divine; it has the power of miracles.  It has been recorded dozens of times, chanted by millions every day. But rarely, if ever, has it been set to music and sung with such spiritually-lifting grace."

- New Age Retailer, USA

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