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david and steve gordon : Product Reviews

Drum Medicine
Steve Ryals, Independent Reviewer
"Drum Medicine is the long-anticipated sequel to David and Steve Gordon's Sacred Earth Drums and Sacred Spirit Drums. Both titles continue to do very well, though I expect Drum Medicine will eventually surpass these titles in sales. The reason is simple: the Gordon’s have simply outdone themselves. While keeping with the spirit of their earlier drum-based shamanic music, they have crafted a more melodic, accessible album featuring a global-fusion sound.

Steve plays some hot guitar riffs in addition to flute, drums, rattles, and more. David handles piano, vocals, keyboards, and assorted percussion. You'll also hear American Indian voices and Sanskrit chanting as well as nature sounds such as birdcalls.

Perfect for all kinds of movement dance, or inner journeying, Drum Medicine will likely prove to be the Gordon' most popular work to date."

Drum Medicine
Lee Stone of Innerchange Magazine
(Given 4**** stars) "Drum medicine by David and Steve Gordon is the most traditional and authentic of the three Native American album CDs reviewed this issue. That doesn't necessarily mean that it is better than the other two albums reviewed here, only that it is more of what you might expect to hear in this genre of music. Even thought there are qualities of ambient music in this album, such as the songs "Ancient Way" and "Enter the Sacred, Part 2", the emphasis is always on drumming and percussion. There is an unusual and interesting mix between space/trance music and upbeat music for movement and dance. My personal favorite is track six, titled "Reverence." In addition to drums, electric guitar and Khuli flute, there are voices chanting in various native seed languages, asking for peace and healing. It has a kind of mysterious and enigmatic quality to it.

In Drum Medicine, the Gordon’s have brought us yet another top quality album. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have. In can be ordered from Sequoia Records as well."

Drum Medicine
Antoinette Botsford, New Age Voice
"The album opens with a respectful entry into sacred space, an invitation evoked by layered instrumentation, dominated by the Gordons’ impeccable native flutes and hand drums. Subsequent pieces call forth various aspects of the spiritual journey. While some are sung in Lakota, the rhythms hearken to the larger world.

As in their previous albums, technical competency and ease with synthesizers and modern recording studio capabilities add a contemporary dimension to timeless sounds. A perfect sequel to Sacred Earth Drums, the medicine involved has more to do with global vision than individual concerns.

Some of the proceeds will be donated to the Rainforest Action Network and the United Nations Center for Human Rights to aid the world’s indigenous people."

Drum Medicine
Press Quotes
New Age Retailer -
"The Gordon’s have simply outdone themselves! They have crafted a more melodic, accessible album featuring a global-fusion sound"

Napra ReView -
"Another best selling Native-influenced release from the pioneering brothers of the New Age/World sound."

Whole Life Times -
"The beat can make you better. Drum Medicine has more melody and variety to soothe your senses."

Lloyd Barde, Heartbeats -
"An unqualified success, combining tribal drums, native flutes, shamanic atmospheres, and nature sounds in a meaningful celebration of sacred dance."

Shaman's Vision Journey
John Diliberto, Billboard Magazine
“The Gordons have juiced up the Tribal groove – their melodies are prettier and their rhythms are more compelling.”

Shaman's Vision Journey
Steve Ryals, New Age Retailer
“Each superb track flows seamlessly into the next…evocative, sensual and profoundly healing.”

Garden of Serenity II
Steve Ryals, New Age Retailer
"Another instant classic! Creates an earthy, relaxing ambiance that is absolutely perfect for meditation, massage, yoga or soothing background music."

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