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steve halpern : Product Reviews

Chakra Suite
Dan Liss, New Age Voice
One of the perennial favorites for New Age music fans is Steven Halpern's Spectrum Suite, which has now been remastered and combined on a new CD with new music. CHAKRA SUITE has the same organizational device as its predecessor album, different tones and music for meditation and healing using the model of the energy centers of the body as envisioned by the gurus of India. The difference between the two suites is that the new section seems much more full, the keyboard notes seem richer, with more overtones, where the original suite was more spare in its use of the keyboard, plus he employs a few additional instruments such as Tibetan bowls and chimes. Both suites follow the pattern of assigning a keynote of the musical scale with the series of interludes progressing up the scale. The music is soft, gentle and perfectly suited for long or short meditations or healing sessions. For example, you could go right in and select just the body centers you want to concentrate on, or time your sessions to fit your schedule. The relaxing effect is what contributes to healing. The slow, deliberate ascending pattern of the passages works very effectively on the listener. If you don't have a copy, it's both useful and appealing. It won't take long to see why this is one of the standards in the field of sound healing.

Crystal Bowl Healing 2012 Remastered
Michelle Lynch (Trenton, NJ United States)
When I first saw this CD in the store, I thought it sounded silly. Then i came across it on amazon and actually listened to the first few tracks. I was hooked. These tracks are so relaxing, more so than any other relaxation CD I have tried. I fall asleep to it every night. I highly recommend this album to those seeking a little bit of peace, because I find it while hearing these crystal bowls.

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