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jonathan goldman : Product Reviews

Chakra Brainwave Harmonizer
Jon French, Sound Therapist, Music Medicine
An amazing experience. It really works. You have created a beautiful environment of balance, harmony and love through sound! “The Harmonizer” should be used to bring us all together. We will be recommending this remarkable CD to all! WOW!

Chakra Brainwave Harmonizer Music Review, by Greg Ozimek
This CD is a keeper! It is fun especially in as much as it actually works and it gives you the opportunity, in less than one hour, to dwell in each of your chakra energy centers for a few minutes... twice. Taking two sound technologies and combining them so that you are bathed in the sonics of both is a remarkable experience that indeed seems to have the harmonizing effect the title claims. The harmonizing is more than the spiritual and the scientific approaches to the chakras and brain wave coherence. As a husband and wife team, the Goldmans claim that when two people listen together, they are both individually harmonized within themselves and also with each other. My intent was initially hot on this CD by listening to it on a boombox. However and as the Goldmans strongly recommend, the experience becomes awesomely enhanced when using headphones because the tracks were constructed based on the left and right ears receiving specific and different audio programs and this binaural interaction affects us sweetly. Knowing what we know about psycho-acoustics it is obvious Jonathan and Andi Goldman are masters at simplifying and presenting the essence and also the grand-mountain-view by perusing the 16-page booklet included with the CD. Reading their notes is a mini-education in the sound healing experience. The carry-over to each audio track is obvious, too; it is experienced in the wash of specific tonal frequencies, bija mantras and vowel sounds for each track/chakra. Our experience begins at the crown chakra at the top of the head. Each track lasts about four minutes and is begun with a chiming of darling Tibetan Bell (cymbals), once for each chakra number. There is an appropriate pause between chakras, the bell rings again and we work our way down to the root chakra... and then up again to our crown. It’s a nice progression and a nice place to start and end with a listening partner. Ah! The Harmonizer in action! While it soon becomes obvious which chakra (track) you are listening to the Goldmans recommend being aware of which track you are listening to and also being aware of that chakra. My recommendation is to “carefully” take their process a few steps further, in time after some listening experience. Slow breathing, in and out, at each specific chakra is a subtle and nice addition as is spinal breathing beginning at the root and exhaling out through the third eye all-the-while with your attention resting at the chakra being activated. Remember: the breath must be gentle, easy, comfortable... relaxed. Think of it this way, it’s going to take an hour to go through the CD so just chill and be with the experience at each chakra. Especially after adding this Vedic-style breathing to your listening enjoyment, you may want to lay down and rest for a bit before becoming involved with your outer life again. Tantra Of Sound Harmonizer activates and allows us to swim around each of the seven spiritual chakra energy centers which are located in the torso, neck and head of our bodies. It would be a marvelous and tasty experience to listen to Jonathan and Andi Goldman’s healing sound techniques if they were to apply them to and activate the lower seven chakras (which begin with the soles of the feet) and also the seven chakras which begin above the crown chakra. Now, that would be sweet! (Their method and recording of the seven spiritual chakras is that nice!) Also on my “Cool, would you do this too” list for them would be my request for a bases-are-loaded grand-slam tour of each spiritual chakra in-one-track or as a second whole CD. Let me hear of your experiences with this great recording, Tantra of Sound Harmonizer.

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