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krishna das : Product Reviews

DJ Hancock "(" (New Zealand)
A great addition to the KD collection, All One provides a unique and at times racy accompaniment to his other albums. The pitch and rhythm is rich and powerful, and the nuances are structured so that no two verses repeat the same flow. I greatly enjoyed the balance that the choir brings on singing the return chant, responding to the invitation to open the heart. Very difficult to concentrate on `head stuff' when listening to this. If this is your first introduction to Krishna Das you might find the continual invocation slightly frustrating because of course, KD is capable of so much variety. If that is the case - go for it and purchase Door of Faith and his Greatest Hits - you can't lose either way. So be aware it is a full on hour of Hare Krishna Hare Rama chanting.

From Krishna Das
My guru always said, "All One"...Seeking refuge in the depth of our own hearts is the way to conquer this fear, this anxiety, this suffering that we have to live with. Refuge is within us. Nothing outside can give that love, that freedom, that peace. When we find it within, we have it everywhere

Riding the River of Bliss
One mantra, one melody, one hour. . . Some may wonder how one could listen to Krishna Das' new album All One and not be bored, and listening with the mind's ear, it's possible that there may not be enough variety to provide entertainment. But the mind's ear is not the ear for which this music is created. For when one listens from the heart, the experience is none less than riding a river of blissful devotion, full of power and sincerity. Like all rivers, All One begins clean and clear. The first track contains minimal instrumental accompaniment and some of the purest strains of KD's vocals. Like a small stream, its energy builds. Tabla, harmonium, and delicate percussion are woven together with the characteristic call and response of classical kirtan. In the second track violin and piano take a prominent place in the melody, filling it out and intensifying the mood as the river winds into a deep, unfathomable pool. Then, in the third track, we're riding the rapids and having a blast with electric guitar and a full drum set. KD is great fun here accompanied by the ambrosial harmonizing vocals of the "Pointless Sisters" who fully express the joy of life's play. Finally, the fourth track is the shower of bliss at the end of the ride, a bright and celebratory tribute to African sound. I highly recommend this album to anyone who is ready to listen from the heart. Om Shanthi, and enjoy the ride.

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