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shastro : Product Reviews

Drop The Cares of The Day
“... Shastro is back with his most compelling offering to date.  Mellow grooves mixed with sweet melodies create a relaxed ambience, an invitation to drop the cares of the day and slip into an oasis of peace.  This is one of those albums that you can play over and over without tiring of it.  My favorite Shastro album so far, Oasis Night is sure to intoxicate dedicated and new fans.” 

- New Age Retailer

Sensual, Rhythmic Guitar Melodies
This dreamy magical recording was inspired by Shastro's visits to the ancient tantric temples of Northern India.  While all of Shastro's recordings portray hints of romance, Tantric Heart is particularly sensual.  Soft, rhythmic guitar melodies form the core of Embrace, the first cut on this two-track recording.  Embrace evokes the warm, gentle breezes and soft rains of Shastro's Hawaiian homeland, but at the same time reaches beyond the Pacific into the Mediterranean, India and more.  It is difficult to resist melting and merging with the soothing, flowing grooves of this 20-minute piece.

The second cut, The Diamond and the Lotus, is more reminiscent of India's Kujaraho Temples.  Classical Indian instruments such as santoor, dilruba, sarod, and tabla lend a deep, ancient tone to Shastro's composition, which includes traditional Indian musical forms and the soft chanting of the Sanskrit mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum."  Together, Tantric Heart's two long cuts carry you away on an ocean of serenity.

- NAPRA ReView

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