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various artists : Product Reviews

Fantastic Compilation
Mystic India is a fantastic compilation drawn from some surprising source of Indian inspired music.  Fusion is represented by the talents of James Asher and Prem Joshua.  It is an exotic mix of world styles and Indian raga.   

Travel the calm inner journey with the peaceful and introspective selections from Al Gromer Khan and the meditative romance of Hariprisad Chaurasia, two of India's interpreters of ancient and ethereal music.  Arabic rhythms and African grooves play on the traditional instruments and specific beats of ancient raga style of Indian song and poetry. 

Round out this experience with healing mantras from Namaste and feel your inner strength and true energy as ancient Indian spiritual traditions are translated into accessible music for ear and heart.  Finally celebrate with joyful dance music from the always enjoyable Deuter.   

As quoted from Osho, "The ancient Music of India needs not only training for the musician, it needs immense training for the listener.  You have to be capable of falling in tune with the harmony.  In a certain way you have to disappear and let only the music remain."  

Let Mystic India show/train you how you how to do just that and allow only this wonderful music to remain.   - Concepts Magazine

Musical Gems
Sacred World is an intoxicating blend of spiritual music styles propagated from different cultures around the world.  The compilation features eleven pieces of pure enlightenment from some of new age music's most illustrious performers ... This unique and evocative journey has it all - slow grooves, ambient and world elements, tribal rhythms and vocals ... this collection of musical gems is one you won't want to miss!”   - Music Design In Review

Outstanding World-Fusion
"Brian Wayy, the brilliant musician behind the outstanding new world-fusion album XCultures is not afraid to put his money where his mouth is.  By donating one-third of his artist royalties to CARE to help feed hungry children throughout the world, he's living his belief that we are all part of a world community.  Wayy weaves keyboards, samples, vocals, and dance beats.  The thirteen tracks travel around the world.  XCultures is a dance album that helps listeners come to a deeper understanding that we are all one people."

- New Age Retailer

Full Of Intense Passion
An accomplished producer, Wayy created this recording out of his deep desire to end world hunger. The result is an album full of intense passion. Ambient trance rhythms provide the backdrop for an incredible array of world music talent.  

Soaring operatic female vocals, Senegalese chants, and Scottish whistle blend exquisitely on Temptations.  Russian Monks and Pygmies lend their voices to Moroccan percussion on Free Your Mind. Acoustic instrumentation from traditional instruments such as koto, sitar, and tabla give an air of ancient refinement to the album. 

Finally, Wayy’s talent as a popular producer and a songwriter complement the culturally diverse performances, resulting in a captivating, provocative recording.  XCultures: One World, One People  grabs you and pulls you into a world of expansion, acceptance, and appreciation for the diversity and common thread we all share as fellow citizens on planet Earth.  

- Bette Timm, NAPRA

Really Fun!
My nominee for the CD with the most irresistable title this month is Bellylicious, a compilation of Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Indian flavors in hot dance tracks with a bellydance theme.

Featured on Bellylicious are: The Dhol Foundation, Thievery Corporation, The R.E.G. Project, Spiritual Brothers, and Saed Mrad. Even when I recognized a song, it sounded so amped up with the driving bass and the overall dance-club beat that it was new again. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of tabla drumwork, too, but the overall sound is a marriage of traditional bellydance music and modern trance dance music.  It's like bellydance on steroids!  It's really fun and very high energy.  Aside from a dance album, it would be great for a high energy aerobics class.

- Kathryn Sargent, Aquarius Metaphysical Newspaper 
  December, 2003
Review Source

Music For Yoga At Home
Created as the soundtrack for Yoga Journal's video series for people who practice yoga at home, Journey To The Heart is just as relevant for yoga enthusiasts who simply want musical accompaniment for their already-established yoga routines.  M Path incorporates the talents of nine artists, including Gardner Cole, Benjy Wertheimer, and Krishna Das. 

The CD follows the natural rhythm of a daily yoga practice.  The music first prompts easy, slow movements; then quickens the pace with percussion and chanting; and finally relaxes into calm completion. One of my favorite tracks is Mantrika, featuring guttural, hypnotizing chants by Das.  At the beginning of the song, I was freezing, but by the end, my  hands were piping hot!  

- New Age Retailer

Music For Yoga Practice
Journey To The Heart, from Gardner Cole and Mitchell Markus' project M Path, was created with two purposes.  The first was to provide a sound track for Yoga Journal's "Step by Step" series of introductory yoga videos.  The second was to present listeners with an album of Eastern-hued rhythms that could be used to accompany their own yoga practices. 

The music begins with slower compositions to gently ease the listener into their yoga routine; gradually increases the tempo to reflect the increased pace of the core of their workout; and closes with a meditative offering that reflects a savasana session.  The music is lightly rhythmic, with instruments like keyboards, flute, oud, guitar and esraj (played by guest Benjy Wertheimer) fleshing out the melodies.  Included is Mantrica, a new track from Krishna Das. 

- Music Design in Review

Yoga Mela: An Eastern Vibrational Experience
A Dose Of Euphoria
Conceptually themed after the idea of an Asian "mela" (or festival), this collection of mid-tempo Indian fusion tunes is perfect for adding a dose of euphoria to your yoga workout.  The selections here all fall on the contemporary side of the spectrum, mostly featuring indigenous instrumentation and natural percussion mixed with electronic rhythms, techno effects and samples.  The feel is sensual and laid-back, making a great atmosphere for the yoga practitioner looking for something more urban and funky. 

Included are songs by Deva Premal, Prem Joshua, Suvarna, Ikarus andothers.  Also featured are two previously unreleased remixes by Dj Cheb I Sabbah--one of a Premal tune and the other of Ishq by Manish Vyas. 

- MusicDesign In Review, May/June 2004

Sacred World Chants
Yogi Times, Sept. 2004
"Chants, by their very nature, are beautiful and delicate creations untouched by modern trends and capricious popular opinion. At times, however, an attempt is made by an artist to create a new interpretation of these classic mantras. Oftentimes, this ell intentioned and high-reaching balancing act ends up tumbling into the abyss. Sacred World Chants, on the contrary, manages to stay aloft by offering wonderful blend of modern instruments infused with the purest music instrument of all, the human voice raised in song…

"Produced with a deft hand by Dean Evenson, this compilation is truly a masterpiece of cross-cultural depth."

Sacred World Chants
Naomi Judd, Grammy Award Winner, author of Love Can Build a Bridge
"Music is a healer. I use your tapes to enhance my morning meditation, to promote relaxation, to support guided imagery in controlling my liver disease, during massage, and to buoy my imagination when I write."

Surface Magazine
"Is it exquisite design? Is it an ambitious CD compilation? The new VIRTU series achieves both!"

Discovery is a VIRTU!
VIRTU is a new music company that introduces listeners to innovative new music by producing three handsomely designed, double CD compilations per year. Focused on the genres of electronica, downtempo, rock, and dance, VIRTU is the ideal way to discover new, exclusive, and overlooked music. Each edition is designed by different emerging visual artist and includes extensive liner notes about each featured artist.

Namaste (DBL) CD
Mara Applebaum, New Age Retailer
The collection Namasté draws from a variety of talented musicians to explore the Sanskrit word Namasté, which means "I bow to you." Beginning with the deep, flat bowl sounds on the opening track, Karunesh’s "Returning to Now," a contemplative quality infuses these selections. I especially enjoy Ben Leinbach’s slow, Eastern-influenced "Horizon of Gold" with Jai Uttal and "The End of Suffering" which features the soulful vocals of Phap Niem. Popular Rasa offers "Prabhupada Padma," and "A Sound Meditation" comes from Benjamin Iobst.

Namaste (DBL) CD
Jason Victor Bellecci-Serinus, Spirit of Change
With so much so-called New Age music turning out to be nothing more than heavily hyped, synthesized reformulations of the romantic, syrupy schlock that Middle America tends to gorge itself on, it is a blessing to find the Real Music label founding a new Real Mystic imprint dedicated to music that helps open pathways to higher dimensions.

Label President Terence Yallop, who leads a 15-minute guided meditation on Namasté’s second bonus disc, has done a superb job of assembling pieces that transmit New Age music’s most trancelike and devotional qualities. Two beautiful tracks are from Karunesh’s Zen Breakfast, two from discs by Buedi Siebert. "Prabhupada Padma" from Rasa in Concert features the vocals of Kim Waters. Kim’s voice is so sensual that she could sing a grocery list and have you down on your knees, pledging eternal devotion to Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and hopefully something more organic. The music of Ben Leinbach, excerpted from his Spirit of Yoga disc, has already received praise in these pages: Yallop wisely uses it as background to his meditation as well as a solo track. Add in Benjamin Iobst’s Singing Bowls of Tibet and other beautiful offerings from Devakant and Gary Malkin, and you’ve got a collection as ideally suited to dinner by candlelight as for contemplation, meditation, and just plain daydreaming."

Mae Stiles, Vision Magazine
"This album is my favorite kind of chill out music. I am not a big fan of those groove albums that have elevator potential, even if it’s [a] really cool elevator in a trendy new building. The Buddha Lounge series is a solid pick from the start, but this one is my favorite. The music is truly relaxing and enjoyable without being monotonous. It is chill enough to have at the office and you can talk on the phone without being distracted. Its also an excellent yoga accompaniment. There is a lot of energy combined with sacred sounds and smooth chants. It would also be a great CD to sleep to, I’m sure it would provoke enlightening dreams. This is too cool for any elevator."

Merrill Ward, Independent Reviewer
"This great album hit #14 on Billboard’s Top New Age Albums for May of this year!"

Christina Lord, Creations Magazine
"This will give you the warm feeling of a summer evening in the Mediterranean. The sounds of ocean waves, birds and streams are combined with keyboard textures and guitars. It’s great for yoga, de-stressing, healing or rejuvenation."

Elizabeth Barrette, Sage Woman Magazine
"If you’re looking for an anthology of music with a Mediterranean flavor, look no further! In Café’ de Luna, Sequoia Records brings together some of their most popular performers. This album has a strong, cool ambiance."

Steve, Innerchange Magazine
"Put this disc in your CD player and roll yourself into a smooth groove. Here is another compilation of music for multiple occasions. I want to call this world rhythm lounge music. The tracks on this album have a unique quality of making me either want to dance or sit back and relax. I know that sounds like a contradiction, but it has an upbeat pace that is so smooth, it is easy to do either while listening to this CD.

I would recommend this as the perfect party music. You know, some people want to get into the music and others want to sit and talk. This CD will please both crowds. There is distinct Mediterranean flavor to most of the tracks, but it mixes Native American, African and some down-tempo sensual sounds here and there throughout the album."

BMP magazine
“…The mix is seamless, gliding effortlessly through a selection of downtempo and midtempo tunes that are sure to move you in the right direction. Opening with The Birds Sing by Valerie Etienne, DJ Tom Thump instantly captures your attention and never lets go. The sounds are worldly, jazzy, soothing, ethereal – all rolled into one big musical spliff…Cosmic Flux Musiq has once again proved that less is more with this brilliant collection of downbeat goodness.” (DAVID IRELAND)

NAV, review by Dan Liss, October 2002
Tribal Groove is a highly polished set of highly danceable grooves, set in motion by a combination of ethnic instruments, keyboards, synthesizers and contemporary instrumentation. Tribal Groove rocks from start to finish and will appeal to anyone looking for a set of dance beats with a primal punch.

Muse’s Muse, review by Ben Ohmart,
Tribal Groove is yet another winning entry from the world beat label that is Music Mosaic. From Africa to Australia and back to Native America, Tribal Groove moves with a sure precision that only a compilation album can muster. Every artist – 13 of ‘em – knows his/her own genre, and packages it in faultless trance or simple World music spiced up with enough rhythm to keep a Bee Gee happy. More than pleasant. Much more than that. - review by Michelle Pirovich - June 2002
Like its predecessors, ‘Tribal Grooves’ takes music from its roots and brings it into today, without giving its origins the heave-ho. Artists have come from the world over, Northern Africa, Mongolia, Australia, Native America, Middle East and Tibet to bring their music together and hopefully to break down some boundaries. The modernisation of this music will effortlessly captivate today’s audience. The pounding basslines, fast and choppy breaks and even guitar riffs converge to create unpretentious tracks that are full of vibrancy and fun, reminding you that this is what life should be all about. I have said it before and will say it again, this music is deserving of such greater recognition and not wanting to leave any of the artists out from this talented group.

Wind And Wire, review by Bill Binkelmann - June 2002
This album could well be the best introduction to the world fusion genre I've ever heard. I don't know how easy it would be to find albums from the other artists on this recording (other than James Asher), but even if all you come away with is the joy of discovering this pan-global melody and rhythm party, you still got your money's worth, in my opinion. Become a citizen of the world and get your mojo working at the same time. Tribal Groove is infectious, fun, and will definitely broaden those horizons of yours!

- BPM Culture Magazine
Song “Rapture at Sea” No. 1 most requested on KCRW, Santa Monica, CA “Groove Closet collects downtempo gems in a nocturnal ritual of innovative sounds ranging from the desert to the sea. …. It’s forward thinking electronica still in touch with its communal soul”

Yoga Salon
All Music Guide
“Intoxicating grooves continuously mixed for maximum chill…an upbeat fusion of New Age and Indian styles suggesting accessible world beat pop.”

"C_co do Mundo".
Some of the best tracks in this collection come from Brazilian chanteuse Cynthia Zamorano, who performs under the name, Cyz. Of the three tracks she contributes to Brazil Remixed 2, "Eu Tenho Pena" featuring vocal work by Cyz and Gilberto Gil stands out most. It's not a typcial piece, due to its percussive rhythms that sound more Middle Eastern than Brazilian, but when the drums switch into their deep, slow groove your head's just going to nod. The other songs from Cyz are "Canta Maria Macambria (Swag remix)", bearing a retro-analog synth, deep house edge that's hard to resist, and "Que Zomba" which has a much more traditional sound. Both "Que Zomba" and "Eu Tenho Pena" can be found on her debut solo album "littlefishdublongwatersamba". Retro-analog synth bleeps can be found on a few songs throughout Brazil Remixed 2, and one of them is "Arte De Criacao (The Tao of Groove remix)" by the very cosmopolitan trio called Electro Coco. Brazilian rhythms, synth beeps, jazz keys and the sweet voice of Viviani Godoy coalesce to nice effect. Amsterdam-based Electro Coco is comprised of Brazilian-born singer Viviani Godoy, English DJ Graham B. and Dutch producer/musician Alain Eskinasi. The song featured here can also be found on their critically-acclaimed album

Properly Chilled, April 2005
Jazzelicious kicks it down with Seventies-styled horns, shuffled jazz-dance beats, Latin percussion, frenetic jazz piano keys, strings and vocal stabs with "Fantastico". Perfect for your nu-Brazilian-jazz-disco fix. The Tao of Groove make a cameo appearance and smoke it up with a new track called "Dance Floor (Nu Brazilia remix)". As with the Jazzelicious track, the style is a mix of Brazilian rhythms and percussion, jazz guitar and flute, and a deep house groove topped with seductively soft, funk-edged female vocals. Yes, the nu-Brazilian-jazz-disco swerve continues. Kojak's instrumental "Praiano" breaks in with a gritty, percussive groove and nice Latin guitar melodies. It hints at a hip hop influence, but never drops its sound down to street level, choosing mellow, sophistication instead. The last track on Brazil Remixed 2 definitely delivers. It's an instrumental song called "Regrowth" by HighEnd, and it's laid-back, Brazilian groove, has just the right mix of electronics. Whether your taste is margarita or martini, Brazil Remixed 2 is going to get your sophisticated, modern, Brazilian vibe in flow.

Latin Beat Magazine, April 2005
Sequel to Groove Gravy Records’ previously released BrazilRemixed, which featured chilled bossas and scorching sambas for a new generation of aficionados of Brazilian rhythms, this new compilation delivers a series of cosmic-grooves, which paint soundscapes, built primarily on the textures and contagious rhythms of Brazilian music. From dance floor beats to jams propelled by tribal percussion and stylistic sounds, all 14 tracks reflect the wide spectrum and flavor of exotic Brazil. Contemporary vocalist Cyz contributes three tracks to the mix, including the opener Que Zomba (a sexy-funky tecno-samba). Evoking a world carnival of groovy sounds and forms are the selections by Electro Coco Arte de Criacao, The Tao of Groove Dance Floor, Kojak Praiano, and RioListic’ Uma Saudade. Other provocative scores include Geni Pereira’s Dengosa, Rithma’s sensual Along The Way, Martin East’s up-beat version of Neverending, and HighEnd’s Regrowth (adding a dose of futuristic groove to the blend). Brazil Remized 2 is a tasty celebration of the music of Brazil in the hands of contemporary artists.

Pt. Ravi Shankar
"Very effective and impressive approach"

Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times
"The Arohi players... seemlessly combined elements of jazz, Indian classical music and Brazilian rhythms with their own stylistically unfettered improvising."

John Schneider, Global Village, KPFK Los Angeles 90.7 fm
"While world music has become the latest thing with the use of exotic instruments in fusion or cross-over music, what makes Arohi so special is that it's members are not only consummate masters of their instruments, they are also completely fluent in every language in which they speak. Arohi plays not just with traditional instruments, but also with authentic rhythms, tunings, phrasings and structure - the very soul of the musical styles. If only the governments of our sweet planet could converse as elegantly as these musicians - exchanging the fruits of traditional culture and creating a global harmony as pleasing as the sounds of Arohi! Maybe that is the highest function of all great art, to remind us of what we share."

bordersj2 (Boston)
I can't imagine a summer coming by these days without seeing the newest from this franchise that now spans 6 volumes! (8 if you include the Brazilution series on Ministry of Sound) And what is Brazilectro without more exclusive cuts? That's what sets the series apart from the commercial compilations and there are plenty here along with neat remixes. The style of this set is very similar to the 5th one, only a bit funkier with CD2 being the stand-out. On CD1 you have some African influences along with mellowed out musical tracks like dr. beatnick's cool Terra Nova and Briskey's "Galactic Jack", remixed by Buscemi (if you have St. Germain Des Pres Cafe IV, this is it). Ikon's "Vai E Vem" is given a smooth remix with a twist and Soul Surfer's "Imploracao" has a cool feel to it with a touch of, I believe, Rosalia De Souza's vocal sampled into it. Even [Re:jazz] have a funky cut to close out disc 1. But disc 2 proves to be the strongest with standout cuts being Cool Hipnoise's swingin' "Dama Dada", Ty's soulful and rich "Inner Love", Petgroove's vocal and spacey bossa "Beside Brazil". But the real gem - A Bossa Eletrica's "Tudo Esta Previsto" will take you to Brazil and there more great tunes.

Anthony Cesar (Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA)
I recently was introduced to electronica by a friend (he shares a cubicle with me at work, so I was "forced" to listen to it) and I fell in love with the beats and rhythms. So, instead of usually asking his advice on what album to buy, I took a risk and picked up Asia Lounge. Oooooohhh how nice of a risk that was! This set is off the chain! Makes me feel like chillin' in a smoke-filled club, sippin' on Grand Marnier, diggin the mad sounds of this cd. To me, the sweetest track is Voladores. If anyone is reading this, buy this album! Sweeeeet.

Dominika (Prague)
These 2 CDs are definitly worth every cent... The mix of music is excellent - electronica flavoured music from the Middle East to India to South East Asia to ect ect. I couldn't be more happy with this compilation..

Editorial Reviews by Jerry McCulley
This follow-up to the soundtrack of director Taylor Hackford's acclaimed Ray Charles biopic contains key film tracks (like the rehab-centered "Lets Go Get Stoned") left off the first collection, as well as a number of non-movie songs said to "inspire" the film. But far from mere marketing gambit, those tracks (which date mostly to the late 1950s and early '60s) help make this an even grittier, more blues-centered sketch of the incomparable icon in his prime. The included bonus DVD contains just two songs, bracing performances of "Don't Set Me Free" and "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny" culled from a 1963 Brazilian TV show chronicled on Rhino's O-Genio video. But the collection's greatest treasures are bluesy, 2003 live-in-the-studio takes of "Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand" and "Drown In My Own Tears/You Don't Know Me" by Charles himself, film dub tracks for which no other appropriate recordings existed. Listening to the Legend time-trip across decades is as serene as it is surreal, especially with "Baby"'s understated guitar solo being delivered by unlikely sideman Slash. The set concludes with Charles' magnificent, mid-70's gospel vamp of "America the Beautiful."

Chris Salzer (Gainesville, GA United States)
If you liked the Ray! Soundtrack, then you can't go wrong with More Music From Ray. If the sensational movie is any indication, there are simply too many scintillating songs to put onto one CD. Alas, a 2nd volume was absolutely necessary to give us such indelible, yet more esoteric songs as Makin' Whoopee, Drifting Blues, and, of course, Let's Go Get Stoned.

Music Design May 2005
"Great album if you like diverse, fresh-sounding Latin music that inspires relaxation as much as it does dancing!"

Rebekah Lohre -Horizon Health & Fitness, Inc.
"What a great collection. I have used this in my own personal yoga and meditation practice as well as with my students. The tracks blend together so nicely, you can easily get lost inside your mind, spending time with yourself. I would recommend this CD to anyone looking for a peaceful and nurturing yoga or meditation experience."

Hope Zvara – Yoga Instructor
”Balancing and expansive! Instantly takes you to a state of higher bliss. Every track is like a new journey through the seat of meditation. This energy filled CD is a great for meditation, hatha yoga, pranayama, and relaxation in addition to heighten you on the path of self-discovery."

New Living
Spring Hill Music offers “Instrumental Dreams: The World’s Most Beautiful Flute Music,” an enchantingly diverse collection of flute music played on a wide variety of classic and traditional instruments. From the dawn of history, we have been enchanted by the beauty of the flute from exotic Peruvian panpipes to the mystical Arabian ney flute, to the haunting Irish pennywhistle to the Japanese bamboo shakuhachi. Featuring world music masters including R. Carlos Nakai on the Native American flute and Paul Horn playing live inside the Taj Majal, “Instrumental Dreams: The World’s Most Beautiful Flute Music” shows the many colors and unlimited range of expression in this ancient instrument. Master musician and best selling recording artist, Robert Gass, (Om Namah Shivaya, Chant, Awakening and many others) literally chose from hundreds of recordings to create this stunningly beautiful musical journey.

Wind and Wire
I was going to start this review by stating that whomever at Spring Hill Music was responsible for this compilation should get a raise, but now that I read the liner notes more thoroughly, I realize that Robert Gass, who compiled the superb fifteen tracks on this CD, is the founder of the label! Well, I suppose he could give himself a raise. The point is that, once again, this label has released a definitive compilation - one that is well-sequenced and uniquely cohesive yet diverse enough to produce a rewarding whole. Inthis case, the whole represents a collection of flute "family" instrumentals (including both solo and ensemble-based pieces) that showcase the wide variety of the instrument while also amply displaying the same instrument's inherent musical qualities as a vehicle for soothing, beautiful melodic music. In short, Instrumental Dreams is a superb new age music collection and, as cliché as it may sound, an essential recording for 2004 if you have a fondness for either the new age music genre or flute music in general. In fact, the only thing I would change is the CD's title, which is a tad uninspired. Otherwise, the liner notes, graphic design, and engineering are excellent. The music is even better; it features some of the best musicians in the field: Douglas Spotted Eagle, Richard Warner, R. Carlos Nakai, Joanie Madden, Kay Garnder, Riley Lee, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Steve Gorn, and Paul Horn (to name just some of the artists featured on this album). Tracks vary a lot, from a literal standpoint, although the vibe stays calm and reflective throughout the recording. Things start off with the Asian fusion group East Wind and their contemplative yet melodic "Wooden Ship" which combines Asian shakuhachi flute with guitar and wonderful synth strings. Next up is one of the true masters of the duduk (an Armenian wooden wind instrument with a warm rich resonance and a haunting melancholic tone), Djivan Gasparyan, and his solo selection, "Ask Me No Questions" a lonely forlorn number. Later on, Richard Warner's bamboo flute floats mystically over tuned wind chimes on "Tao," followed by one of the great Irish pennywhistle players, Joanie Madden, and her reading of the traditional "Women of Ireland." These are but a few of the highlights on this flawless collection. Others include Kay Gardner's lovely new age instrumental "Lydian Dreams" on which her silver flute lightly flits above the sound of waves, Riley Lee's hauntingly minimal shakuhachi flute on "Melting Snow," and the one of the great living bansuri flutists, Steve Gorn, accompanied by the East Indian drone instrument, the tamboura, on "Rag Shivaranjani." The album concludes with an excerpt from one of the landmarks of new age flute music, Paul Horn's “Inside the Taj Mahal.” While all of these songs are also on earlier recordings, the magic of Instrumental Dreams is how perfectly placed these particular tracks are on this compilation. Truly, the specific pieces selected by Gass and their order on the disc is a work of art. This is akin to taking a trip around the "world of the flute" in fifty-four minutes. It's simply one of the best compilations of new age music I have ever heard - bar none, which, given the track record of the label, should not be that big a surprise to me. Without a doubt, this receives my highest recommendation.

Tone Capone (El Lay, CA) August 05
Cool Downtempo grooves from the kings of kool QUANGO This double CD compilation naturally comes from Quango, who introduced the world to Zero 7, Kruder & Dorfmeister, and Koop. Zero 7's enchanting Sia contributes a rare remix of "Where I Belong" and ill tracks from Moloko, Chicks On Speed, Truby Trio and a ton others are included on this collection of cool downtempo grooves, electro-house and hip hop soul. A must to add to any chillout playlist review
Marked by soaring vocals, fiery instrumental breaks, and timeless songs, bluegrass music is more popular now than ever before. The appeal of contemporary bluegrass lies in its ability to continually evolve and grow, while still reflecting the proud influence of the music's forebears. Bluegrass Number 1's, drawn from the top ranks of the Bluegrass Unlimited Radio Survey, is an ideal introduction to the richness and variety of today's bluegrass scene, and boasts performances from such luminaries as Alison Krauss, Del McCoury, Rhonda Vincent, and J.D. Crowe. Also included is a limited edition bonus disc of eight more cuts of prime Rounder bluegrass.

Amazon.Com Editorial Review:
The success of the previous Brazilectro releases confirms Audiopharm’s philosophy and also spurs it on to improve the series from release to release. In the last few years, Brazilectro has become a measuring stick of the genre. Other labels have tried and tried to play a role in this element with simply knit imitations, yet the standard raised by Audiopharm simply could not be reached by the others; at their best, they only produced cheap copies with suspiciously close-to-identical track listings. The latest instalment, Session 7, once again supplies a first-class set of authentic Brazilian songs and those inspired by Brazilian music, as well as classics and contemporary constructions that were either produced exclusively for Brazilectro or only available on 12-inch vinyl. In total, 24 catchy club filler and sweet promises romp around on the double CD/3 Vinyl box - all there to listen to while sitting at the home on the flokati. Of course, the lavish packaging, a constant for all the Brazilectro albums, consists of an embossed digibook with brillant cover art work. This time one looks at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, a futuristic, spacey designer construction of the legendary Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, in front of the Zuckerhut. One look at the track listing reveals that Audiopharm is again acting on the pulse of current happenings. Filled with international artists with their newest productions, the Audiopharm has been able to unify this variety in an extremely lithe, organic sequence. Highlights are everywhere and many, and listening to Brazilectro Session 7 resembles being a civil servant in time and space, since one fancies sitting under the sugar loaf in the pulsing South American metropolis of Rio de Janeiro. Recommendable when listening to such a mix, from the velvety soft to the more than lively, is to down a luscious cold Caipirinha, making the pleasure all the more authentic. Then the Brazil feeling will flow into the blood and transform the Brazilectro gourmet into a serene, sensuous - and perhaps also - better person.

Buddha Lounge 4
All Music Guide
"Intoxicating grooves continuously mixed for maximum chill…"

Buddha Lounge 4
NAJ "Yet another great CD. A fascinating blend of flutes, percussion, vocals and techno go into creating this ultra chillout CD."

Buddha Lounge 4
Music Design In Review
"With the fourth volume of their winning "Buddha-Lounge" series, the Gordon Brothers whip up another enticing blend of chilled world music with a euphoric flair. And like the previous efforts, this one is worth getting excited about; in fact, it's probably the best album in the series yet. Most of the songs on this album are pure bliss. For example, "One and Twain" from Gingko Garden... this song has beautiful atmosphere and great ethereal melody. Another highlight is "Northern Lights" from Stella Maris, a very European sounding track with sensual vocals and spacey synthesizer effects. Great transition work between tracks and a sublime lounge vibe across the board makes this one pop in your player anytime a little chilling is in order. Also featured is TYA, Althea W., David & Steve Gordon, Achillea and more. ~ review
lbum Description After the chaos and destruction of World War II and the conservative musical environment Italian leaders promoted, the Italian public was ready for a more relaxed sound. Jazz, swing and boogie-woogie were achieving worldwide popularity and merged with the Italian crooner tradition. The musical rebirth of the 1950s and ’60s was like a second liberation. Putumayo’s Italian Café captures the music and attitude from that era and from current singers whose musical DNA follows that lineage. While most foreign music was banned under the Italian fascist regime, Fred Buscaglione wound up in a U.S. internment camp, where he was able to get a jumpstart in trying out the styles emerging from America. Quartetto Cetra emerged in the late ’40s, when they provided the overdubs for the Italian versions of the movies Dumbo and Wizard of Oz. The following decade found Renato Carosone blending Neapolitan folk music with American jazz and boogie-woogie to create a signature style that made him a household name in Italy and a chart-topping crooner in the U.S. Nicola Arigliano is the only 1950s-era artist on Italian Café performing to this day. Born in 1923 in a small village in southern Italy, Arigliano ran away from home when he was just 11 years old to play music in the nightclubs of Milan. Arigliano disappeared from the concert stage for 30 years. In the past decade he re-emerged with four new albums. Gianmaria Testa is more famous abroad than he is at home in Italy, where he works as a train station manager. You can hear his trademark gruff, whispering voice on two songs on Italian Café. Daniele Silvestri’s "Le Cose in Comune" won Italy’s equivalent of the Grammy, as best song of the year. The collection features extensive liner notes in English, Italian, Spanish and French. Editorial Review:
A remarkable revolution is taking place in Latin music these days, as electronica and remixing meet the more traditional rhythms of Argentinean tango, Afro-Cuban son, Brazilian bossa nova and Colombian cumbia. On Putumayo’s new collection, Latin Lounge artists such as Sidestepper, Si*Sé, Charanga Cakewalk and others prove that there can be a magical blend of modern musical trends and traditional Latin styles. While Latin Lounge features several internationally known artists, it also highlights discoveries such as Bebe, a singer-songwriter whose recent collaboration with electronica DJ Carl Jean has made her a star in her native Spain. Another rising star is the Spanish band Amparanoia, a leading band in the mestizo (mixed) movement, so-called for its boundary-crossing blend of flamenco, Afro-Cuban music, hip-hop, electronica and other influences. Latin Lounge is the latest in a series of successful Putumayo releases focusing on exciting new directions in down tempo electronica and world music that includes the collections World Lounge, Euro Lounge and Sahara Lounge. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this CD will be donated to Oxfam America in support of their development efforts in South America Editorial Review:
Ever since the release of Asian Travels in the year 2000, the Six Degrees "Travels" compilation series has been the benchmark for quality in a market glutted with imitators. With two volumes released of Asian and Arabian Travels as well as African and Latin Travels, the series has remained committed to exploring the incredible influence that music from various parts of the planet has had on the electronic and dance community. The latest offering, Latin Travels 2 is once again, the sound of the past harmonizing with the future- the fusion of 21st century global dance culture with ancient traditions and deep roots. The music is a representation of the entire Afro-Latin Diaspora (the sounds of Africa, Cuba, the Caribbean and Brazil) in a modern context. In keeping with its predecessor’s tradition, Latin Travels 2 is chock full of exclusive tracks and remixes that have been recorded specially for this project. Highlights include, a brand new reggeaton remix of Los Mococsos’ track "Bandolera", Tim "Love" Lee’s funky re-work of a classic 70’s track from Brazilian soul band, Banda Uniao Black, Bombay Dub Orchestra’s irresistible, "Montuno Skank" and hot, hip hop up and comers, the Rondo Brothers remix of a Beny More Latin classic. Editorial Review--Christina Roden
The Silver Wave label has long been dedicated to presenting and promoting Native American music in an un-marginalized yet non-mainstream manner. Their catalogue ranges from faithful renderings of ancient traditions to modern interpretations of same, realized via state-of-the-art production values and packaging. The present compilation constitutes an ideal introduction to some of the biggest stars of the genre, many of whom are Grammy award winners or nominees. Mary Youngblood is of Aleut/Seminole descent and her folk-alto is sheer magic; she is easily the peer of Jean Redpath or Mary Black. Tito la Rosa¹s Quecha pan-flutes are full of sunlit joy while Joanne Shenandoah's achingly pure soprano is haunted by the northern woods that were once home to her Iroquois forebears. Laurence Laughing's Mohawk chants are incantation incarnate and Carlos Nakai's wooden flutes mirror the sounds of wind and water. First-time listeners will be utterly enchanted and eager to hear more.

B. Ackley "jumpstudios"
Slightly jazzy, slighty dancey all smooth and relaxing. Water Dance Music's Pure Chill cd is a great 70+ minutes of realxing tracks. The tracks are unmixed but flow seamlessly into one another creatinga fantastic soundscape. Opening with David Goze's "manana", a largely instrumental tune, the mood is set with layered keyboards and minimal beats. The tracks then move to David Byrne's "hearts a lonely hunter" a nice upbeat tracks with breakbeats and swirling synths. New Age act Delerium's makes an appearance with a beautiful song "You and me" featuring a gorgeous female vovals overa relatively calming orvhestration. Standout tracks include A man called Adam's "easter song" which is a beautiful and uplifting son with a lovely lyric over pretty keyboards and the track "Zero zero" which has a slow groove and almost jazzy female vocal. The whole album is one you can relax and chilout to. Well worth the money. Editorial Review--Christina Roden
Swing is a jazzy, dance-oriented style that emerged in the USA during the 1930s and 40s. Its catchy refrains and inventive rhythms provided an uplifting, resolutely escapist soundtrack for the Depression and World War Two. During his ongoing search for world music that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, Putumayo producer Jacob Edgar located an engaging assortment of modern-day practitioners. Some are based in expected locales (New Orleans and elsewhere in the USA; others most definitely are not (Zimbabwe, Italy, Mauritius). The combos are fairly small and exuberantly extroverted. Each speaks the swing lingo fluently but many have an enchanting accent. That some tracks so strongly resemble the loopy, subversively giddy scores of classic Warner Brothers and Popeye cartoons will certainly help draw in the kiddies. And a portion of the proceeds will benefit former New York City Ballet star Jacques D'Amboise's non-profit National Dance Institute, which helps make dance and music programs accessible to schoolchildren around the world.

Bonnie Berke, Holistic Health Counselor
Trance Yoga is a more upbeat CD, perfect for Shiatsu work and Yoga.

Lyn Marie "Word Spinner" (Akron, OH)
This gorgeous set--consisting of CD, DVD, and map--is well worth the investment. My friend, whose birthday present it was, was enchanted, and used it for meditation, excercise, and to create a peaceful ambience for writing. The vocals are evocative and ethereal without being repetitive or simplistic. I would recommend.

“Diverse collection of world global dance that more than matches the Buddha Bar series”

“Global- inspired party tunes…perfect accompaniment to glamorous summer entertaining. “

Rasa Music is Proud to Present: One Night at Momo's Kemia Bar
Designed for two shades of an evening "Before Midnight" (cd 1) and "After Midnight" (cd 2), "One Night at Momo's Kemia Bar" is the perfect compilation for leisurely entertaining. Both disks are rich in worldly influences and are aimed at capturing the essence of "Momo's", a world renowned North African eatery in the UK. The first disk is the more ethnic of the two and contains energetic rhythms and beautiful melodies from well-known artists such as Ursula Rucker feat. Lil Louie Vega, Ojos de Brujo, and SMADJ. "Before Midnight" is vibrant in nature but can easily slip into the background and set the mood for a luxurious dim-lighted party. The second disk exudes a European influence and is a tasteful collection of chilled-out lounge and house music. While preserving the worldliness of the compilation "After Midnight" will draw even the most timid to the dance floor.

World renowned DJ Donna D'Cruz of rasa music has an incredible knack for picking out such amazing songs that are able to blend together into one brilliant sensual, relaxing, spiritual journey. Rasa Mello 2 is the sequel to the highly touted Rasa Mello Compilation released in 2001 … I absolutely love this compilation. Bless your heart Donna.

Rob Theakston, All Music Guide
Like most of the releases in Ultra's Chilled series, this bases itself on the same premise: largely downtempo, loungey music geared towards late-night or early-morning periods of relaxation. However, what actually sets this two-disc set apart from its predecessors is that the makeup and track selection is quite diverse in scope. Trip-hop and breakbeats from Mocean Worker and Mr. Scruff start things off nicely, leading into more indie electronic territory courtesy of M83, the Postal Service (making a return appearance), Brazilian Girls and Scissor Sisters before taking a ninety degree turn by including legendary jazz vocalist Nina Simone's stirring "Feeling Good" to close out the first act. The second disc brings things back to more familiar Ultra Chilled territory. Staples such as Moby, Erasure and Wax Poetic float side by side with blues/hot hip-hop collective Sa-Ra and the classic Afro-Cuban sounds of Federico Aubele. Its erratic sequencing can be jarring at some points, but those celebrating the diversity and eclectic nature of downtempo music will be pleased at the wide diversity found here.

Spa World
The follow up to the best-selling Zen Collection, this two CD set continues to offer the best in global chill out. The compilation of ambient music features established contemporary artists such as Talvin Singh, Thievery Corporation and Natacha Atlas as well as exciting new talent from across the world. The songs have been selected to achieve a sense of harmony and balance that will help you unwind after a stressful day. This is truly a case of Zen and the art of relaxation.

Fun & lively variety of music
What a fun album! Some of the songs on this album are fully Latin sounding, others are fully Arabic sounding, and yet others are a kind of mixture of the two sounds. There's even a Eurobeat song on here (I'd say Italian disco but it's sung in French). There is a mixture of styles on here, but nearly all the songs are thoroughly danceable; it's a great party album that pulls you to your feet for festive celebrating!

from DJEDYK "djeddyk" (USA)
If you are interested in International Dance Music - This is for you - Latin, Arabic & Greek ect...Its all in here - the latest stuff!

Music Design In Review
"Celtic meets chill." That's the tagline that Sequoia Groove is using for their new compilation CELTIC LOUNGE, and it couldn't be more spot on. The music features varying degrees of both of those qualities, with some songs (like "To the Promised Land" by Stella Maris) sounding closer to traditional Celtic folk and others (like "The Monks of Lindisfarne" by Achillea) being more contemporary. Most of the music falls somewhere in the middle, with a sound that is light, enchanting and perfect for kicking back and relaxing. The line-up includes graceful cuts from Gary Stadler, Gandalf, Alquimia, Artemesia, David Gordon and others, sequenced and seamlessly mixed by the Gordon brothers so that the songs flow into one another smoothly.

Refined Compilation -S. Keith (Atlanta, GA)
Playful, sensual, smooth, exuberant. Pop it into your music box and sit back, floating effortlessly along within the stream of its reflective beauty. I find it appropriate for massage, reflection, daydreaming, background with mellow friends...

Nu-Latin jazz, April 20, 2006 - Reviewer: Enrique Torres "Rico"
Compilations are great for the variety of artists and in this case also for the playing in one particilar style. That style can be characterized as Latin rhythms mixed with traditional jazz in a downtempo fashion; you may even call it Nu-jazz. It is like dance music where free form musical improvisation paves the way for creative dance moves. I picture this music in some chic L.A. club where evryone is beautiful or at least feeling that way. Some of the stuff is high energy but there is plenty of Latino chill here like High End kick'n it on "Slow Roll" where the haunting beat is part back beat, part jazz, part vocals that drop out into a dub groove for a laid back sound reminiscent of Thievery Corporaton. The Brazilian groove is evident everywhere like in the songs"Dia Briosa" by John Beltran," Salsero" by Barrio Jazz Band where it sounds like Bebel Gilberto meets St. Germaine, the classic samba hit "Fly Me to The Moon" by Jazzamor. There is a nice variety of music on this disc, enough so that you won't get bored because it is not all the same. Some songs are jazzy Flamenco, or Tango inspired but the one thing in common is the Latin rhythms that bind them all together. If you are not tired of compilations yet try this one for your long drive or next get together over some margaritas. This is a totally enjoyable disc that flows. If you like jazz you will love it but if you like Latin rhythms too you'll be in heaven. Tiene mucho sabor(it is very tasty).

Vinylmag Magazine
"Without a question of a doubt the best compilation of flamenco in chill-out style to date"

Dan Cowan, Music Design
Thematically a follow-up to 2003's Namasté, HONORING features a line-up of Asian-influenced artists whose music leans toward the therapeutic side.
This joyous new collection for kids and their families features a festive selection of tunes that reflect the crossover appeal and worldwide influence of reggae – a genre that is beloved all over the globe. Reggae Playground presents renowned artists from reggae’s birthplace of Jamaica. Judy Mowatt, a former backing vocalist for Bob Marley and respected solo artist, invites listeners to get moving with her rousing "Let’s Dance." We hear about the importance of respecting our differences and the need to work together in Rita Marley’s classic anthem "Harambe." The Jamaican reggae arrangements of "Take Me Home, Country Roads" by the legendary Toots & the Maytals and the Burning Souls’ rendition of "Here Comes the Sun" demonstrate the adaptability of this infectious beat to almost any tune. Other artists from diverse musical traditions who have adopted the reggae style and made it their own are also featured. Johnny Dread, an artist of Cuban heritage, sings about "Rootsman Dread," a colorful figure beloved by children. Marty Dread represents the huge popularity of reggae music in Hawaii, and Jessica, from the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, displays the popular blending of traditional sega music with reggae. The popularity of reggae in places as diverse as the United States (Eric Bibb), Brazil (Kal dos Santos), Morocco (Mousta Largo), and even Indonesia (Tony Q Rastafara) is also demonstrated here. Asheba, an artist who hails from Trinidad and is known for his Caribbean songs for young children, performs a soothing "Reggae Lullaby." To support the children of Jamaica, Putumayo will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Reggae Playground to the Jamaica Basic Schools Foundation, which helps fund early education for Jamaican children.

Parthena Black "Dreams Editor at BellaOnline" (Oklahoma)
I listened to this CD just a few times before it grew on me, and it did so quickly. My first impression was that it is completely different than the compilation of Volume 1, so if you own the first CD, keep an open mind and let go of your expectations. Where Volume 1 contains mostly bellydance and middle eastern classics, Volume 2 is made up of more modern, pop and techno tracks, such as "Entrance Of The Stars," a song that was composed specifically for the Superstars and Desert Roses. This one has several shorter tracks suitable for solo performances and I like that! I found the perfect song for my sword dance in this compilation! I think that it's important for a dancer to be willing to try a variety of music and dance styles, and this is a great addition to your library.

Christina Roden -
Just in time for sultry weather festivities, the trusty world music compilation label Putumayo has put together yet another dynamite party album. From the opening 1-2-3/1-2 clavé of Raúl’ Paz’ "Mua Mua Mua", which is soon overwhelmed by electronica only to re-emerge at will, the beats are as relentless as they are caressing. The set covers a lot of ground geographically, as Puerto Rican salsa, Mexican and Colombia cumbia and Cuban rumba have long since become international preoccupations, performed by local practitioners in every corner of the globe. Africando, with its blend of West African salseros and New York-based Latin all-stars, and Riccardo Lemvo’s suave rumba Congolaise via LA, have have repatriated rhythms that came from Africa in the first place. Belgium is an unlikely pit-stop, but Gabriël Rios’ Santeria-infused "Bones Bugalu" has plenty of authenticity plus panache to spare. The grooves just keep coming, so put on those dancing shoes, snag an ice-cold forty-ouncer of malt liquor from the corner bodega and swing the night away! Part of the proceeds from this album will be donated to United For Colombia, in support of their efforts to help children who have been injured by landmines.

Hotel Tara 2
Rick Anderson, All Music Guide
The Sequoia Groove label continues with its warm, soothing grooves and funky, exotic beats. Call it chill-out or techno-lounge, it all comes down to the same thing, and you're lying if you say it never hits the spot.
The "Music for Cocktails" Series Has Developed a Distinctive Sound which is Accessible and Uplifting but Has More Than Enough Edge to Appeal to a Knowledgeable Crowd. On this Set, was a Bee’s Openings Track Sets the Tone. On "This is What You Are", You Can Re-live the Roaring Twenties in a Contemporary Way. The Mix of Tracks Includes Acoustic Gems from Nelly Furtado, Basement Jaxx and Jack Johnson that Blend Sublimely with the Electronic Mix Wonderboy Mylo Did on Mia’s "Breathe Me". Barefoot’s Interpretation of Underworld's "Born Slippy" is Simply to Die for and Four Hero’s Remix of "Plantlife" is Beyond Funky. This Two Hour plus Musical Cocktail is the Soundtrack that Fits Your Lifestyle, It's who You Are, It's La Nouvelle Chique Eclectique! Includes Drink Recipes by the Fabulous Shaker Boys!

John Korpi
"With the explosion of spas comes an explosion of 'spa music,' most of it simply awful with one notable exception -- Real Music, where it is all about the artists and their music."

Marisa Brown, All Music Guide
A soothing mix of ten downtempo, worldbeat-inspired tracks from seven different artists, New World Chill, Vol. 2, from System Recordings, is meant for those who wish to explore new sounds while still remaining comfortably in the mainstream electronica realm. Somewhat in the vein of Delerium the collection focuses on soft and poignant instrumentals, organic-sounding beats, and layered harmonies. Given this nice follow-up to Vol. 1, New World Chill is proving to be a pretty good series.

Yoga Moods
Beth Shaw Founder, YogaFit
"Set the mood & enhance your groove – the perfect tone for yoga practice."

Yoga Moods
“An absorbing body of music designed to enhance the yogic experience, complement meditation, massage therapy and other likeminded activities… a transfixing set of music that encourages inner peace and spiritual health.”

Yoga Moods
New Age Retailer
“Eclectic world-beat rhythms gently soothe and entrance – creating an atmosphere conducive to yoga. Multicultural voices create fascinating vocal stylings… a welcome respite from the cares of the day.” Editorial Review:
The pioneering recordings by Crammed Discs of traditional gypsy music moved into the 21st century with the release of the first collection of re-mixes, Electric Gypsyland, which sparked off the fascination of young DJs and re-mixers for gypsy music from the Balkans. Electric Gypsyland 2 takes this even further. It's a collection of reinterpretations / re-inventions of tracks from three of the leading Balkan Gypsy bands (Crammed's mighty Taraf de Haidouks, Kocani Orkestar and Mahala Rai Banda), made by notorious fusionists (Balkan Beat Box, Oi Va Voi, Smadj, Shantel), by several mainstays of the new Balkan club scene (DJ ClicK, Forty Thieves Orkestar, Gaetano Fabri, Russ Jones, Russendisko), and by more unexpected contributors coming from totally different musical areas (Tunng, Animal Collective, Nouvelle Vague, Cibelle, 43 Skidoo feat. Susheela Raman, Buscemi and ShrineSynchroSystem). Also featured are many additional guest musicians (from Europe, Turkey, Africa), engaging in virtual jamming with the original players. While some of these pieces stay close enough to the originals and can be described as remixes, most are poetic re-inventions, works of pure imagination.

Heart of Compassion
Denys Cope, Author of Dying, A Natural Passage.
"Music has the ability to transport us out of the ordinary - out of the struggle, fear and questioning - to a place of peace, trust and centeredness where grace and healing can unfold. This music has that gift."

Truly Beautiful!
This cd shows a true appreciation for both Middle Eastern music and electronic music, using instruments as well as electronic sounds and beautiful vocals. Tempo changes and varying styles keep the music interesting through-out the whole album. Editorial Review --Christina Roden
This flowingly well-sequenced collection of semi-acoustic tracks, some of which have a smoothly mainstream FM-radio feeling while others are more roots-oriented, is just the thing to unwind after a stressful workday or get the weekend off to an effervescent yet relaxed start. South African troubadour Vusi Mahlasela and Senegalese pop icon Diogal are heard to great effect, as are Congolese stars Faya Tess and Lokua Kanza, entwined in a lusciously Cuban-rumba-influenced duet. A lesser-known Cape Verdean songstress named Gabriela Mendes swings her way through a typically dance-like ditty and Dobet Gnahoré of Ivory Coast makes a similarly strong impression. A previously unreleased tune by Angelique Kidjo of Benin rounds the set out; every compilation should ideally offer something new, not just retreads, so this is definitely a good thing. Another important selling point: a portion of the proceeds from this album will be donated to Mercy Corps in support of their efforts to help victims of AIDS and the civil war in Darfur, and to Oxfam America and Oxfam Novib's "Make Trade Fair."

"The perfect balance of beats and vibes for those long winter nights, uncork and enjoy"

by soul seduction
The core of Chillosophy Music is 12" Vinyl and CD Compilations. Each vinyl release will contain an original track with typically 3 remixes of various genres one of these always being a dance remix. This concept has proved very successful on our first two 12" releases - Omnimotion Japan EP got a fantastic response and Fingertwister - I remember Jah EP directly grabbed spot 5 on the Deutche Chillout Chart and was the record of the month in German magazine Raveline. The heart of the compilations is the Defining Moments series - compilations that are meant to capture the essence of Chillosophy both music-wise and design wise.

Properly Chilled
Six Degrees got it right with Eden, it's an excellent collection of songs from a number of very talented artists that comes from a very genuine place in the labels heart." - Scott Holter
John Lennon would have turned 67 in 2007. If alive, he could well be at the forefront of bringing peace to Darfur, where more than half a million have died from violence and disease during four years of rebel discord. So to create awareness of the ongoing conflict, Amnesty International (with permission from Yoko Ono) has mined Lennon's solo work and rounded up nearly two dozen current artists to reinterpret the music, which spans the ex-Beatle's entire post-band catalog (plus a pair from while the Fab Four were still in business). As with any attempt to cover Beatles-related music, results are hit and miss, with kudos going to Snow Patrol and the Postal Service for capturing the starkness of "Isolation" and "Grow Old with Me," respectively, Mexican rock band Jaguares for uncovering the fear and fury in "Gimme Some Truth," and (surprise!) Christina Aguilera for nailing the complex composition and mood of "Mother." Other highlights include Jackson Browne's piano-led "Oh My Love," Green Day's louder straight take on "Working Class Hero," and the Black Eyed Peas turning "Power to the People" into a gospelly protest. Will resurrecting 30-to-40-year-old messages of peace and love be enough to help end the brutalities in Darfur? That remains to be seen. But selecting John Lennon as the author of those messages will make people listen and, with this collection, may keep them listening.

- Randy Alberts, New Age Retailer, 2007
"After a too-long day pecking away at your iBook, it's time to push play and kick back with iRelax: Leaving the Workday Behind. The soft instrumental tracks on this CD are specifically selected and sequenced to best serve the subtitle's topic. The album spans a wide array of Real Music artist releases from the past ten years including Omar's Passage Into Midnight", "Bathed in Dawn's Light" from Kevin Kern and Yanni's composition "Whispers in the Dark" by Danny Wright. iRelax: Leaving the Workday Behind is best played when one simply needs unwinding from hectic sales or tedious paperwork."

SF Bay Guardian
"Perfect for late night make-out sessions and Sunday afternoon chill outs; the lounge opens on time"

The Examiner.
"Om once again redefines the boundaries of contemporary lounge with a gamut-running collection of sassy soul and dream-inducing downtempo on the spliffy, cooled out cocktail tip"

"If you're searching for something sweet and sexy to set a sophisticated mood, don't look any further"

H.H. The XIV Dalai Lama of Tibet.
"There are no national boundaries. The whole globe is becoming one body, in these circumstances, I think war is outdated... Destruction of your neighbor is actually destruction of yourself. War creates environmental problems, trade gaps and humanitarian suffering that everyone must bare. Instead, our mission is to learn from the previous generation's mistakes and start now by opening dialogue with each other so there are fewer disagreements, misunderstandings and violent clashes in the future. If we look carefully, I think we are social animals, we need a sense of caring, a sense of concern for each-others." Editorial Reviews by Christina Roden
Released partly to celebrate International Women's Day, a holiday recognized by the United Nations, these eleven unplugged tunes from as many female singers make wonderfully varied and pleasurable listening. And the performers' backgrounds are equally fascinating. Some are comparatively well-known; Sandrine Kiberlain is a French movie star while The Wailin' Jennys, from Canada, have appeared on Prairie Home Companion. Meanwhile, Emiliana Torrini, of Icelandic-Italian parentage, made her mark with "Gollum's Song" from the second Lord of the Rings soundtrack. Others found their voices through travel--Luca Mundaca was born in Chile, irresistibly drawn to Brazil, and now lives in the USA. Marta Topferova has achieved such an effortless command of South American traditions that hardly anyone ever guesses that she is originally from the Czech Republic. As each lady in turn assumes center stage, she bewitches all comers with her own brand of adroitness, confidence and charm. Although the music is, for the most part, richly redolent of folkloric sources, many of the artists display a neo-cabaret sophistication that somehow never lapses into world-weariness. A final note: a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this album will be donated to the Global Fund For Women, a good cause if ever there was one.

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